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Sell Magic
Trade in Instructions
1.Only original phone will be recycled. IMEI number verification can show whether your phone is original.
2.Please unlock your phone and sign out from your account before shipping.
Sell Your HTC

HTC Magic


Using a device that is outdated and faulty can be very frustrating and tiring. You try to get the latest app but your phone doesn't have storage space and you can’t upgrade to the most recent OS. All these and more are the reasons people quest to upgrade their devices to another model. An upgrade in the mobile tech world is inevitable because devices would always get outdated.


Once this upgrade is close you begin to ask yourself questions like “where do I sell HTC Magic?” “Where do I sell my HTC Magic for cash?” “How do I trade in HTC Magic?”


Are you seeking answers to these questions? Well, we are here to tell you that your quest for answers ends here. We have put together the best description and information you would need when you want to sell your HTC Magic  or trade it in.  


Before we get into all the important details of how to sell HTC Magic, let’s take a look at the overview.



The HTC Magic is powered by a single-core, 528 MHz processor and the device comes with 0.3GB storage options. In addition, the device runs on an Android (1.6) operating system that offers you faster updates and is packed with a Li-Ion 1340 mAh removable battery which guarantees a stand-by Up to 420 h and a talk time of up to 7 h 30 min.


The HTC Magic sports a single 3.2 M megapixel camera and although it includes autofocus, it lacks a flash so shooting in low light is a bit of a no-no. Shots from the camera are passable as they tend to suffer from indistinct edge detail and some colour fringing. In addition, the device comes with a 3.2 inches display and has a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels and 180 PPI


Various connectivity options on the HTC Magic include bluetooth 2.0, A2DP (headset support only) and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g. Sensors on the mobile include an accelerometer and compass.The dimension of the device includes  4.45 x 2.17 x 0.54 inches (113 x 55 x 13.6 mm) and weighs 4.18 oz (118.5 g)


Devices age and older devices can get frustrating after some time, so you do not have to wonder if you would need to sell your HTC Magic in the future.


Sell HTC Magic

Do you want to get the best deals when you want to sell HTC Magic? well, there are two ways to do it;

sell HTC Magic for cash

trade in Slate 7 Extrem


Getting the best deal is what we all look forward to once we want to make a sale. However, we must state that some factors might hinder your chances of getting a great deal when you want to sell HTC Magic. These factors may range from the brand of the device, market fluctuations, and the depreciating value of your device after a long period. Regardless of all these, Gizmogo assures you of the best deals when you sell HTC Magic.


Sell HTC Magic for cash

Once you have made up your mind to sell HTC Magic for cash, ensure you wipe your phone off all your information. Your phone contains sensitive data you would not like to share with a third party. Hence, doing this is essential. once this step has been completed, you can sell HTC Magic for cash at a great price.


Trade in Galaxy Tab A 8.0

To sell your HTC Magic, we had aforementioned that you have to either do it for cash or trade in Galaxy Tab A 8.0.  


Before you delve into this, you need to ask yourself two questions: if you want to sell your HTC Magicor trade in Galaxy Tab A 8.0.


While you are on the question above, here are some questions you need to check off before you proceed


Is it authentic?

Have I restored it to factory settings?

Are all of the features functioning properly?

Is the OS working correctly?

Are all my accounts signed off, and is my device unlocked?


The question of if you would be able to sell your HTC Magic or trade in HTC Magic for another is determined by these questions above; ensure you can answer all. Also, ensure you don’t make any mistakes when you want to sell your HTC Magic or trade in HTC Magic.


Features and capabilities

A lot of places exist to sell your HTC Magic or try to get another, and one of such places is Gizmogo. We provide you with the bests services and great deals. Do not forget to wipe all information when you want to sell HTC Magic. Let’s take a look at the features and capabilities.

Capacity info

0.3 GB

Size and weight info

Weight: 118.5 grams (4.18 ounces)

Height: 4.45mm (113 inches)

Width: 2.17 mm (55 inches)

Thickness: 13.6 mm (0.54 inch)

Display info

TFT Technology

3:2 aspect ratio

3.2 inches display


480 x 320-pixel resolution at 180 PPI

Water-resistant info


Memory Cards


Chip info

System on Chip - Qualcomm MSM7200A

Operating System - Android (1.6)

Adreno 130

Camera info

3.15MP rear camera


Video info  





Extra Features

Voice dialling

Voice commands

Voice recording





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You can trust us to sell your HTC Magic at a great price.


On Gizmogo, you are assured of an affordable process when the time comes to sell HTC Magic or any other device. Anyone can sell HTC Magic; as long as your reason to sell HTC Magic is legitimate, we would sell.