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Sell One X
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1.Only original phone will be recycled. IMEI number verification can show whether your phone is original.
2.Please unlock your phone and sign out from your account before shipping.
Sell Your HTC
One X



There is no reason your old device should be left unattended to. You can get a good offer on your old devices including your Samsung Galaxy AO1 Core. To get this value, you either sell or trade in your device. To do either of these, you need to find out: “where do I sell HTC One X?”, “where do I sell my HTC One X for cash?” and “how do I trade in HTC One X?”.


In this article, we offer not just answers but everything you need to sell your HTC One X. With these answers, you can be sure that you’ll get the best possible value when you sell HTC One X.



The HTC One X is a beautifully designed 5.7 inch Samsung device powered by an the Android 4.0.


The HTC One X packs on a 1.3 MP front camera and an 8 MP rear camera. Specifically, the HTC One X uses a 1.5 GHz quad-core chip. It adds a special ease of usage and carriage with its dimensions (134.40 x 69.90 x 8.90mm) and weighs only 130 grams.


It’s 16 GB storage is pretty fair and is expandable with external storage. This allows for a fair storage of pictures, games and general multimedia. This storage is backed up with a full 1 GB RAM.

The HTC One X features a 4.7-inch multi-touch screen designed on a Super IPS LCD2. this gives it a clear display resolution of 1280 x 720 with wide angles to match.

The non-removable Li-Po 1800 mAh battery affords users a longer use time of about 8 hours.


Now, let’s explore how to sell your  HTC One X.


Sell HTC One X

Getting the best when you sell HTC One X is in your own hands. You have to decide to explore either of these options:

sell HTC One X for cash

trade in HTC One X

Just before you request that quote to sell HTC One X, you should know that Gizmogo offers a quick and effective service to everyone looking to sell HTC One X.


Sell HTC One X for cash

Looking for some extra cash and have an old HTC One X? You should consider looking to sell HTC One X for cash. If you have doubts on the value of your old HTC One X, you may decide to first request a free quote. The value offered to you will be based off details like cracks, broken screens, missing functions and missing ports. All of these can affect the value that will be placed on your device when you sell HTC One X for cash.


Trade in HTC One X

As an alternative to looking to sell your HTC One X, you may want to consider looking to trade in HTC One X.  If you sell your HTC One X, you get some cash in exchange of your old HTC One X. However, when you trade in HTC One X, you get a different device in place of your old HTC One X. With any of these options, you get a chance to put your old device to work.

Putting your old device to work also mandates ensuring your security. You ensure your security by ensuring that:

All external devices have to be unpaired

All saved passwords have to be deleted

The device should be restored to factory settings


With these done, you can avoid compromising your security when you sell your HTC One X or trade in HTC One X. With your information safe, you can now decide to sell your HTC One X or trade in HTC One X.


Features and capabilities

The features and capabilities of your old device make up the value of your device. Consequently, a working knowledge of these feature contribute to getting good rates when you sell your HTC One X at Gizmogo. Here’s a rundown of the features of your HTC One X to help you get the best when you sell HTC One X here.

Capacity info

64 GB - expandable to 32 GB

Size and weight info

Weight: 150.0grams (5.29 ounces)

Height: 67.50 mm (2.66 inches)

Width: 141.7 mm (5.58 inches)

Thickness: 8.6mm (0.34 inch)

Display info

4.7 inch display screen

Super IPS LCD2

1280 x 720 display resolution

312 pixels per inch (ppi).

24-bit color depth

16777216 colours



Water resistant info


Memory Cards




Chip info

Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)


Nvidia Tegra 3

1.5 GHz Cortex-A53

ULP GeForce

Camera info

1.3 MP selfie camera

8 MP rear camera

Face detection


Continuous shooting

Touch focus

Scene mode


White balance settings

Video info  

Video geotagging and face detection

1080 x 720p at 24 frames per second



Digital compass


Proximity sensor

Extra Features

Voice streaming

Active voice cancellation

Image and video editor


A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)

Computer Sync

OTA Sync

Multiple antennas

Document editor


Document viewer





At Gizmogo, we ensure that our customers get the best when they sell HTC One X. To sell HTC One X, you only need to request a quote to get started.

After this, to sell your HTC One X, you simply need to have your device sent and it then valued again, physically to ensure that you get the right value on your device. It is quite clear that our processes to sell your HTC One X are efficient and effective. It ensures a refurbishing and a clearing of data from your old device. However, to hasten this process, it is advised that you clear out the data from your device before you sell HTC One X.


At Gizmogo, sell HTC One X at the best possible rates and without any form of hassle. Our unbeatable service also offers you a free quote and delivery when you sell HTC One X. Our services are personalized and this is what you enjoy when you sell HTC One X.