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There are several gadgets and devices in the smartphone market from several notable and well-known brands globally. This means that there are so many choices to make when one wants to get a gadget and also that it can become extremely difficult to stick to a particular gadget for years.

This phenomenon always results in a desire to change one’s devices over and over again. However, for the most part, this change is usually high maintenance. This means that a lot of cash will have to be involved to ensure that this is made possible. Now, what of we told you that you could exchange your gadgets for cash? What if we told you that we could provide you with an easier, cost-effective and simpler way to get cash so that you can buy the gadget you have locked your focus on?

That’s right, there is a simpler way and process to all of these. You can sell Kyocera Hydro Vibe for cash or even swap it for another device. There is also no limitation to which device you choose to buy with the cash earned. With our platform, you can sell off all gadgets through our simple yet effective process. These gadgets range from smartphones and laptops to tablets and so on.

On Gizmogo, you need not worry too much about the whole process. This is because we will ensure that you sell Kyocera Hydro Vibe for cash quickly and easily. As long as the device that you want to sell is still in good condition you can always sell your Kyocera Hydro Vibe and other devices here at any time.  That goes on to say that it doesn’t matter if it has been used.

So, are you curious about how to perform this? Are you ready to learn how to successfully achieve this? Then, you’ve come to the right place.



The mid-range Hydro Vibe combines a thin, waterproof body with NFC, 4G LTE, a removable battery and an 8 MP camera. Announced in April, 2014 and released in 2014, the Kyocera Hydro Vibe mobile comes with a small 4.5 inches display of touchscreen and a pixel resolution of 540 by 960 pixels at a pixel density of 245 ppi (pixels per inch). The Kyocera Hydro Vibe is powered by a Android OS 4.3 version. It also comes with 1.5 GB of RAM and runs on a 2000 mAh of removable battery.

When it comes to the camera aspect, the Kyocera Hydro Vibe packs an 8 MP camera on the rear and a 2 MP camera at its front. This means that you can take selfies. The Kyocera Hydro Vibe is based on the Android OS 4.3 version and has an internal storage of 8 GB that can be expanded to 32 GB via microSD card. It comes with a single GSM SIM slot that accepts Mini-SIM cards and was launched in the Black color.

The Kyocera Hydro Vibe measures 128 grams by 64 grams by 10.9 grams in height, width and thickness, respectively and weighs at 139 grams. Its connectivity options include the following; MAP, Bluetooth v4.0, Wi-Fi, PBA, and A2DP.


Sell Kyocera Hydro Vibe

You can now successfully sell your Kyocera Hydro Vibe  but that would mean that you have thought long and hard about it. This means that you have to think long and hard about why you want to sell Kyocera Hydro Vibe for cash. This should be something thought out and figured out during the early stage (before the transaction begins), so why not do a little exercise now and think about that.

Another thing you will have to take note of is the depreciation factor. Yes, your device will have depreciated. There should be no surprise about that because the depreciation would have come about by your use of it. You should also know one other thing and that’s the fact that you can’t sell your Kyocera Hydro Vibe for the same price at which you bought it. Therefore, be aware that there will be a slight deduction in the price you get when you sell Kyocera Hydro Vibe.

Notwithstanding, you stand to get the best of all deals whenever you sell your Kyocera Hydro Vibe and other devices. At Gizmogo, we will strive to ensure that you get the best at every transaction you make with us.


Sell Kyocera Hydro Vibe for Cash

Sell Kyocera Hydro Vibe for cash if you need extra cash to get a new device. Despite this depreciation factor, you can stay rest assured that you will always get good deals with us. So, don’t feel pressured or worried when you sell Kyocera Hydro Vibe and other devices.

However, before you can successfully sell your Kyocera Hydro Vibe, there are some important steps that you have to carry out. These steps will earn you good deals when you sell Kyocera Hydro Vibe among other benefits. Also, it will ensure that you are protected from being exploited or scammed after you sell your Kyocera Hydro Vibe. Here are some steps to take to ensure that you can sell your Kyocera Hydro Vibe with no problems.

It must be original.

Sell Kyocera Hydro Vibe that is neat.

The OS must be functioning properly.

Unlock and disable all passwords.

Wipe all records of use before going ahead to sell your Kyocera Hydro Vibe.

All features and keys should be working accordingly.


Features and Capabilities

Below are some specifications and capabilities that will ensure that you achieve a successful sale when you sell Kyocera Hydro Vibe. This section will highlight all of the necessary features and capabilities of this device and also help you to quickly sell Kyocera Hydro Vibe.

Capacity info

8 GB

Size and weight info

Weight: 139 grams

Depth: 10.9 mm

Height: 128 mm

Width: 64 mm

Display info

TFT LCD technology

256K colors

4.5 inches


Supports standard display


540 x 960 pixels at 245 pixel per inch

Protection info

Corning Gorilla Glass - None

IP57 dust/water resistant - Yes

Memory Cards


Chip info

Operating System - Android version 4.3

System on Chip - Qualcomm MSM8926 Snapdragon 400

1.2 GHz quad-core

RAM Capacity - 1.5 GB

Camera info

8 MP

2 MP


Continuous shooting


LED flash type



Digital zoom

Smile detection

Face detection

White balance settings

Video info





On Gizmogo, you can sell your Kyocera Hydro Vibe and other devices anytime you want to. Also, doing all transactions legitimately is one vital requirement to sell Kyocera Hydro Vibe and other devices here. On our platform, you don’t need to be stressed out as all transactions are carried out with ease.  

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