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Sell IdeaPad A2107
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IdeaPad A2107



The Lenovo Ideapad A2107 is a good addition to your tablet collection. This 7-inch screen gadget gives the perfect android tablet experience with its not-too-big size and numerous functions. Though it does not come with an HD screen, it features a 1024 x 600 high screen resolution suitable for its size.


The Lenovo A2107 is one of the best options for those looking for a compact and not-to-small tablet. If you consider the 9-inch screen Lenovo A2019 tablet too big, then this 7-inch is perfect for you. This model comes with much more than its portable size; it is just as good as the A2019 model. It comes with a 2-megapixel rear camera, a front-facing VGA camera, a 4.0 Bluetooth, GPS with A-GPS, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, micro USB connectivity, and a microSD card slot. Even better, it supports two standard-size SIM cards. 


Furthermore, it is equipped with most tablet features, and it cost really little when compared to other tablets in the market. It sports a Micro USB Type-A hardware interface, and like every other tab out there, it features a touchscreen human interface for swift control. 


The Lenovo Ideapad A2107 is an affordable tablet that does not lack specifications. It is highly rated and recommended for those who love to buy a tablet at a lower price. When compared to most tablets available in the market, you can save a lot of money and still enjoy exceptional features. It comes with a 4.o Ice Cream Sandwich operating system that gives a superb internet experience. Very easy to use and portable to carry. 


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Specifications of Lenovo IdeaPad A2107 

Design info: Lenovo Ideapad A2107 satisfies fanciness with its elegant design. It sports a black matte finished that makes its exterior more attractive. Also, it is a handy mobile device; as such, it can be easily carried with you on a trip. It is designed with a 7-inches moderate screen and high resolution, which makes usage even more fascinating. 


It very light-weight when compared to other tablets in the market; hence you do not need to worry about moving around with your gadget. Adding to its efficiency, it features dual-SIM storage that allows users to use the gadget with two Cellular networks. 


Though you may find the device a little appalling, it comes with top-notch features. For example, features a high-resolution touchscreen display that allows for swift movement across the screen. Also, you can enjoy fast transfer and connectivity with its 4.0 Bluetooth and connect through its hotspot to available Wi-Fi in your location for a better internet experience. 


Connectivity info: This model comes with a 4.0 Bluetooth, GPS with A-GPS, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, and micro USB connectivity. Furthermore, it supports HSDPA data, which means you can easily go online in the absence of a Wi-Fi network.


Capacity info: the Lenovo Ideapad A2107 features spacious and expandable storage. It comes with 16 GB internal memory storage and can allow for an extra 32GB external memory card. It also comes with 1 GB RAM, which tends to become slow after months of usage. 


Size & weight info: the Ideapad Lenovo A2107 is a very portable tablet. Combining the moderate screen benefit of a PC with the handy feature almost similar to a regular mobile device. It measures 4.8 inches X 7.6 inches and weighs 400g with its standard battery.  


Display info: This model comes with a 7-inch moderate screen and 1024 X 600 resolution, which is high enough to give quality pictures and let you watch your games and videos clearly.  


Water-resistant info: The Lenovo Ideapad A2107 is not water-resistant. Therefore, it important you do not keep the device close to water.  


Performance info: Talk of quality performance and efficiency, the Lenovo A2107 is your everyday go-to device. It is equipped with an MTK 6575 Cortex A9 Processor. However, it comes with a relatively low 1.0 GHz which may be slightly slow for processing information. 


Camera info: This device comes with a 2-megapixel rear camera and a front-facing VGA camera. 


Video and Audio info: It comes with a 720p HD video recording property. Also, you get to enjoy a quality stereo speaker and microphone with this device. 


Battery info: the Lenovo Ideapad A2107 is powered by a 3550 mAH removable battery that can run for 10 hours once fully charged. This means that you can enjoy playing a video game for nothing less than 8 hours. If you will rather use it for a simpler task like surfing the net and other related tasks, it can even last for nothing less than 10 hours. Also, since the battery is removable, you can easily switch it with a spare one when it is low.  


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