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Sell Lenovo S6000 


While some users got confused by the price tag, others were trapped by Lenovo's S6000 tablet in 2013. It must have been the premium design and beautiful finish that must have gotten people hooked. 


Every aspect of the tablet's appearance seemed to be more carefully constructed than was expected, and this easily gave off the impression of a device of more value than it was priced, especially because it was a full-fledged 10.1 incher. 


Think about it. How many Android devices a decade ago offered all the good stuff that one could desire in a tablet at a size of 10 inches and still managed to cost $299.99? 


Well, very few. Lenovo definitely had to cut down on some features, but the S6000 was a pleasant surprise. 

The S6000 is one of a family of tablets in the Lenovo IdeaPad products. The IdeaPad has two tablet lines; the A and the S series. The S series devices generally are a little more pricy than the tablets in the A-series but tend to pack more features such as better design, improved hardware and display, advanced tech, and the likes for higher performance.


This device came as a good option for various users searching for different features in a tablet that suits their needs. 


Today, the Lenovo S6000 isn't the best option in its price range. Lenovo has released several eye-catching tablets with a mouth-watering price tag. If you want to upgrade, consider selling your S6000 for cash to fund the purchase of another device on Gizmogo. You can also swap your device or any older gadget for a next-gen one on Gizmogo.


Lenovo S6000 specifications

Design info: A close look at Lenovo's S6000 shows good construction and attractive design. Everything is black, apart from the Lenovo logo, and this seems to work well on this tablet. 


You will appreciate its design by comparing it with – for example, the iPad air. We don't expect it to match the iPad, given that it is a mid-range device, but rather to show how much and how close it comes to high-end tablets. It is longer and a little wider than the iPad Air and less than 90 g heavier. In thickness, it is close, thicker by a little more than 1 mm. 


The device comes with all the ports and slots you'll need – a micro HDMI port that works with an MHL HDMI cable, a micro SD card slot, a charging port – micro USB port, and then a full USB port that allows all sorts of external accessory devices to access the tablet and charge the phone. 


Two tiny stereo speakers can be seen just beside the rear camera. They produce moderate volume in terms of loudness but not so much in terms of sound quality and fullness. 


Capacity info: The IdeaPad S6000 comes in 16GB internal memory. If this won't be enough for you, there's provision to add more storage up to 64 GB through an external SD card. The device's storage capacity is decent. You can store your media files on the tablet without getting a memory overload warning.



Size and Weight info: The device measures 180 x 259 x 8.6 mm, and weighs 560 grams.


Display info: Display quality is good, vibrant, and sharp. It has a 1280 x 800 pixels resolution. Viewing angles are just okay on the 10.1-inch screen, but the low pixel density on this large screen robs users of the wonderful imagery they could have enjoyed. Still, you can watch movies with the family on the device. 


If you want a tablet with a better display, consider upgrading to Lenovo's high-end tablet. You can trade your S6000 or sell it for cash on Gizmogo to fund the purchase of another device. 


Camera info: The rear 5MP camera doesn't give the best pictures. There's no LED, which means pictures in dim light may not even be possible. The camera quality and feature is one area where the S6000 didn't perform up to expectations.


Videography:  The camera is capable of shooting full HD video. However, the quality is not good, just like the image output.


Water-resistance info: This device is not resistant to water.


Performance info: For the range of products that the S6000 falls into, it offers good performance. It uses a quad-core Cortex A7 1.2GHz processor with good speed but is limited by the 1GB RAM the tablet comes in. 


More RAM will definitely have made a big difference here as the operating system alone uses more than 50% of the usable RAM space. Lenovo used the Android interface to run this tablet's software component. 


Connection info: For connectivity, your S6000 tab comes preloaded with Bluetooth version 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n but doesn't support 3G, neither does it have a GPS.


Battery info: On a full charge, the 6350mAh battery can last more than 10 days if you use it minimally. With regular use, you may get anywhere from half a day to 2 days of battery life, depending on the intensity of usage.


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Sell your Lenovo S6000

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