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Tab S8-50

Lenovo Tab S8_50 review





The Lenovo S8_50 was easily described as being "light as a feather" and managed to achieve that status without compromising on features. The Lenovo is 8 inches long and weighs less than 300 grams while being less than 8mm thick. 


September of 2014 was blessed with the Launch of the portable S850. The device features a full HD display screen of 1920 x 1200 pixels and Dolby-powered stereo speakers for $225. That is more than a good bargain for a device with several interesting features. For those looking for the best tablets in the middle range or those on a budget and deliberately looking for a portable tablet to have fun with, this device may be the right one. 


The tab has other fascinating siblings like the S860 and S660, and it is the first device in the series. The S850 was designed with different casing colors, and if you choose to, there is a version that supports LTE network.


Overall, the Lenovo S8_50 is a tablet you can easily carry around. It has a good appearance and nice design touch. Also, it has a good processing speed for regular use and comes with a pleasant display and speakers that give off good sound. 


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Lenovo Tab S8_50 Specifications

Design info: The overview of the S8_50 is pretty impressive, at least for the most part. The construction of the tab is mostly plastic if not all of it. 


No metal means the device can be as lightweight as possible. Around the time when the S8 series started, color was a big trend on mobile devices, and Lenovo decided to satisfy its users with several different colors featuring a blue, dark grey, or yellow on this device. 


The case's material is plastic irrespective of color, but it is coated with rubber on the surface to give it a soft feel and an excellent grip. By comparison, the 7.9 mm thickness of this device is, the back of the tab has the Lenovo logo quietly placed there. As for buttons, there's the power on/off button on the top. Also, there is a headphone jack and a microSD card slot at the left edge. 


The volume rockers are on the other side when held horizontally. On the bottom, towards the right edge, is a USB slot. Who wouldn't have wanted an HDMI port? But on a device of this price range, it's not surprising that it is absent.


Looking at the tablet upfront on the screen area, you'll see a stereo speaker facing you; other speakers are on the top and bottom. On the top right corner of the screen, there's a sensor that allows you to wake your device without using the power button; hence it is compatible with cases that turn on the device when open. 


Capacity info: Storage capacity is 16 GB in-built memory space expandable up to 32GB via external SD card.


Size and Weight info: The S8_50 is exceptionally light at 299 grams. Among the lightest devices in that time, only Sony's Xperia Z3 compact tab beats the S8 in weight.


Display info: For the price of this tab, the screen is simply remarkable. At 8 inches, the IPS screen has a 1920 x 1200 resolution. The maximum brightness of the display, up to 350 nits of brightness, is good enough for outdoor use.


Viewing angles on the tab are great; texts are still very clear from tight viewing angles. As for colors, blacks are as deep as a typical IPS screen can accommodate, which is good but not as good as AMOLED. However, the screen shows white color with a little yellow tint. The Lenovo S8 supports 10 point multi-touch.


Camera info: Having an 8MP camera on a tab at that time was a big deal, and the S8_50 had a rear camera of this resolution. In good lighting, this camera will produce good images. For video calls and selfies, Lenovo equipped the device with a 1.6MP camera in front.


Video recording: The rear camera is capable of recording 720p videos. 


Water-resistance info: The tab has no waterproof feature. That means you shouldn't use it underwater. Also, for the best experience, avoid water spills or any liquid.


Performance info: Under the plastic body, you will find an Intel Atom Z3745 with its quad-core processor combines with 2 GB RAM to make the device CPU. This version wasn't the latest at that time, but it did get the job done at good speeds.


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Connection info: Out-of-the-box connectivity features include a GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, and Wi-Fi 802.11n. Reception over Wi-Fi is fair; websites will open quickly even if 3 walls separate the tab and the router.


Battery info: A 4290 mAh battery that can provide up to 10 hours of rigorous use on max brightness makes up the inbuilt power storage.


Audio info: The inbuilt Doubly EQ makes for a better audio experience in this device. The bass is good, and the maximum volume is audible enough.



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