Unveiling the 2024 Ducati Scramblers: A Trio of Titans

With its now-iconic chrome tank, white frame and brown leather seat, Ducati’s 2024 Scrambler Icon, 2024 Scrambler Full Throttle and 2024 Scrambler Nightshift models embody the company’s spirit of innovation, style and rider freedom, continuing a legacy that began in 1962 with the Ducati Interholm. Which of these models will fill the role of most stylish in your eyes and life?

Discovering the Ducati Monster in the Scrambler Family

Before we look at the individual models in more detail, however, it’s worth taking a moment to salute the elephant in the room: the Ducati MONSTER Plus. Equally a summation in itself of the values that Ducati stands for, the Monster remains perhaps the most important and most influential motorcycle of all the company’s designs, both directly impacting models right through to the new Scramber range and indirectly inspiring a whole new generation of universal naked bikes. From the first Monster, every full throttle, and every lean into a corner of each of the new Scramblers is connected by a huge shift of time and technology.

The Ducati Scrambler Line: A Comparative Look

On first glance, the outrageous beauty of the 2024 Ducati Scrambler family demonstrates the graceful marriage of form and function, as does a Piacenza region wine bottle. But upon closer inspection, it’s the nuances that differentiate the Icon from the Full Throttle and Nightshift. The same big-hearted air-cooled L-Twin engine powers all three, and all have the same thunderous output of 73 horsepower, meaning you’ll get the same night-ushering blast that sends you on another life-opening adventure for another chapter of your life story. But like all great things in life, the devil is in the details.

The Ducati Scrambler Icon: A Celestial Ride

The Scrambler Icon is our masterpiece, our actual physicalization of the spirit of freedom synonymous with the Scrambler brand. Its good looks alone, available in ‘62 Yellow and Thrilling Black, are enough to capture you. But it’s also a blank tabula rasa, more paint waiting to be applied, more hue waiting to be tinted, more you that you add to its name with your purchase. Base model starts at $10,995.

The Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle: A Symphony of Speed

For the mechanical-hearted, the Full Throttle edition includes a custom-tailored Termignoni silencer that magnifies the audio pleasure as well as the bike’s agile, speed-craving spirit. Its $12,195 price tag marks it as ‘the performance motorcycle for those who ride to live’.

The Ducati Scrambler Nightshift: The Dark Horse

But make no mistake, the Nightshift is a sophisticated machine, aimed squarely at the aesthetic sensibilities of the suggestible moon child. Its Nebula Blue livery and the Performance LED indicators, which could be red, white or blue, depending on your memory (mine was pink), are just hints of Ducati’s commitment to form without fraud. $12,195.

Choosing Your Ducati Scrambler: A Personal Journey

Each Ducati Scrambler has its own story to tell, and the right one for you is waiting out there: are you the ‘Icon’ type, someone who likes the rough life but stays well groomed? Or are you a ‘Full Throttle’ kind of person, who likes to go fast at a racetrack? Or are you the smooth and mysterious type, one who prefers a classic look in the black ‘Nightshift’?

Immersing in the Legacy of Ducati Monster

Under every rev of the engine, under every sleek design of the Scramblers, there’s the Ducati MONSTER. Called the ‘model that wrote the story of contemporary Ducati motorcycles,’ the Monster series is the model that other Monsters aspire to be. A distillation of power and beauty – refined, neo-retro and robust – the Monster has been the inspiration for new versions of Ducatis, until it’s no longer fair to call them ‘new’, just more variations in the Monster family. The 2024 Scrambler lineup is the continuation of that family through design and performance, embodying the Monster’s mother DNA as well as the look and feel of the original. This is a line of bikes based on an inspiration, a Monster’s lineage becoming the lineage of Ducati – and a new monster on which motorcycling is modeled.

Moving forward, Monster’s heritage is bridged with the distinctive character of the Scrambler family. Whether you prefer the retro influence of the Icon, the raw edge of the Full Throttle, or the urbane sensibilities of the Nightshift, each motorcycle is a further chapter in the ever-expanding saga of Ducati’s commitment to quality. Ride wisely, as it’s not merely a new bike, it’s a MONSTER in disguise.

Jun 06, 2024
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