Elevating Elegance: Lian Li's New PC Case Merges Technology with Design

Most of the time, like in the world of personal computing, those two paths follow parallel tracks, occasionally converging into something beautiful and special. It’s an elegant blending of form and function. You see it most clearly in Lian Li’s latest creation, the Lancool 217. This midtower is probably the sleekest, most stylish PC case you’ve ever seen. It’s understated, elegant, and it will up the cool quotient of your desk. But it’s not just about style. It has substance, too. It has water-cooling support up to 360mm, and can fit a GPU of up to 320mm and a CPU cooler of up to 170mm. You can put a 3.5in hard disk or a 2.5in SSD into the dumbed-down ANT spacebar. Over at the Lian Li booth in Computex 2024, we got a peek at two new PC cases: the Lancool 207, a pico ITX case with water-cooling support, and the O11 Vision Compact, a new iteration of the ITX-size O11 that’s totally see-through. The rationale for their visual appeal is a given: they’re made by Lian Li.

Lian Li’s Lancool 217: Where Classic Meets Contemporary

The Lancool 217 doesn’t just look good. It looks really good. Silky-smooth walnut trim on the top and on the handles is a nice detail, taking an otherwise black-steel design into classic ‘high-fidelity’ territory without committing fully to the mid-century modern aesthetic. It feels as at home in a traditional, cozy home as it would in something a little more modern, and that allows a discerning consumer to get exactly what they want.

Built for Performance

While the Lancool 217 might not be the most beautiful case on the market, endless hours have been spent engineering every aspect of it so you’ll get the performance you should expect. With two massively over-sized 170mm fans on the front, the Lancool 217 is ready to tackle the thermo-dynamics of your most intensive hardware with ease.

Expanding Horizons with Lian Li

The Lancool 207: A Compact Powerhouse

Lian Li gives some indication of how its consumer base is not monolithic with the Lancool 207, a micro-ATX case that can house an ATX motherboard. This offers more efficient use of space, letting enthusiasts build a smaller but still powerful system.

O11 Vision Compact: A Fresh Perspective

The O11 Vision Compact adds a little extra width to the venerable original, for better housing of graphics cards and airflow. It shows a willingness to adapt to consumer needs that will keep Lian Li at the forefront of case design.

CONNECT with the Future: Back-Connect Motherboards

Perhaps the most important thing they have in common is support for back-connect motherboards, another way that Lian Li is evolving its case designs of the future. Back-connect motherboards will simplify wiring, making builds cleaner and more efficient.

CONNECT: Enhancing Your Build

But that’s not the only way Lian Li is extending its commitment to user experience. Its third iteration of modular PC fans also went wireless, and its SignalRGB was integrated into a beta version of L-Connect 3 software.

Connect in Color: L-Connect 3 and SignalRGB

L-Connect 3 Priority: Unified Control. Lian Li’s commitment to innovation and compatibility reaches new heights with L-Connect 3 and SignalRGB. With L-Connect 3, both old and new Lian Li cases are able to fully integrate SignalRGB capable hardware and peripherals from other brands. Unified control has arrived.

The Buzz of Computex 2024

That’s the one for the Stealth Mini ITX Gen 2, which also won an award. Photo courtesy of Lian LiLian Li’s announcements were just a part of a torrent of reveals at Computex 2024, as AMD, Nvidia and Arm also got in on the act. If these are the next stages of the computers of tomorrow, Lian Li is obviously ready.

CONNECT with Lian Li's Vision

When Lian Li announced that it would be showing off some new gear at Computex 2024, it wasn’t about new products per se. It was about philosophy: how to make the PC look clean, graceful and stirring. It accomplished that in two ways: by making its chassis more aesthetically pleasing, through subtle curves and textures. More fundamentally, by creating machines not just wrapped in the future, but built from it: think back-connect motherboards and software that controls every last aspect of your PC. Style and strength have never been so closely bound together.

Exploring CONNECT

A core theme of many of Lian Li’s newest products is ‘connect’ – the way parts interact with each other in an entire PC build. Case in point; in the original release of our back-connect motherboards last year, connect was the central idea that helped unite the flow of the PC’s internals. Then the L-Connect 3 unified the planning and building of a PC, and the UI’s zero-gaming interface could be accessed through any mobile OS. Connect is about making technology more usable and intuitive. Connect is about making things more efficient. Connect is also about making things beautiful. Connect is about the future of PC gaming and work, and every form of human creativity. It’s about finding some harmony between wires and inner components of the PC chassis, and the harmony between the PC environment itself and the user experience.

That is the purpose of Lian Li’s connect philosophy, which is at the very heart of every PC case they design, and which makes them stand out among the surfeit of PC case design. It is a purpose that comes with a promise, too – a promise to bring innovation rooted in an understanding of what people (and their spaces) truly want. It is innovation with an understanding of what resonates, both visually and functionally. Connect is not simply a feature – it is Lian Li’s commitment to a future where our technology is integrated with our spaces and lifestyles, in a way that is both natural and stylish.

Jun 06, 2024
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