Unleashing Innovation: ACER and Phison's Groundbreaking Tech at Computex 2024

Computex 2024 saw technology giants and tech pioneers alike demonstrating prototypes of the bleeding-edge technology for the future. One such partnership stood out – between ACER and Phison – which had them demoing a suite of techs for data centre storage and AI applications that could revolutionise industries of the future.

ACER's Strategic Alliance with Phison: Empowering the Data-Driven Future

To mark the road to Computex 2021, we’re taking a look at a strategic alliance between ACER and Phison, which combines ACER’s market reach with expertise in NAND controllers and storage from Phison. The result could lead to new innovations in AI and data storage.

ACER's Role in Advancing AI and Storage Solutions

ACER, the world’s sixth-largest original equipment manufacturer in the tech industry, has always been at the forefront of innovation. In Computex 2024, the company partnered with its storage solutions provider Phison to showcase its commitment to the relentless pursuit of technology advancements by presenting storage products and AI solutions that embrace the future. AI-based BI (Business Intelligence) solutions such as aiDAPTIV+ and the new Pro Suite products are jointly paraded by ACER and Phison to capture the fast-growing market trends and to bring unparalleled tech experiences to the world.

Driving AI Innovation with the aiDAPTIV+ Platform

One of its strengths is the aiDAPTIV+ platform solution together with the industry chain partners, including the world-class names like ADVANTECH and ASROCK RACK to provide a strong platform that allows customers to train and infer LLMs, as well as an attractive AI divination demo application. The prominence of ACER on AI’s stage further reveals ACER’s potential to lead the industry and its indispensability to the industry’s smarter future.

The Dawn of High-Performance Storage: ACER's Leap with Phison

This daring move into high-performance storage by ACER with Phison is a game-changing technology that will transform data management, and pave the way for exciting new innovations in targeted data centre and artificial intelligence capabilities. This is only the beginning, with ACER taking the inaugural steps to set the pace in the race to revolutionise the industry.

Pascari Brand Series: A Testament to ACER and Phison's Excellence

ACER (through a press release in August 2022) and Phison also collaborated on the numerous models of the Pascari brand SSD series, designed for multiple different uses: ‘[The series] aims to cater to the diverse needs of various mission-critical applications, ranging from high-performance server solutions to AI model fine-tuning.’ The obsessive attention to detail and ‘impeccable performance’ that we have seen from consumers has also been applied to AI.

Innovations for Tomorrow: Unveiling ACER's Next-Gen Solutions

The company’s SSD Solutions for Pascari Immersive Flagship Computing is aimed at accelerating innovation in data centre, cloud and compute-heavy edge computing, while its U21 single-chip controller represents the second-gen 5nm UFS mobile storage controller with a multi-flex neural engine, its DDR5 DRAM PAM4 retimer and redriver ICs push the envelope in ultra-high speed data transmission.

ACER's Unwavering Commitment to Innovation

For this year’s Computex they may only be showing off the equipment, but their partnership with Phison represents a promise to be on the cutting edge of innovation in the coming years, whether powering AI solutions, or changing the way we think about data storage.

About ACER

ACER is a worldwide tech leader dedicated to the research, design, marketing, and sale of innovative technology products. ACER’s current product lineup features computers, tablets, smartphones, monitors, projectors, selected components and peripherals, as well as cloud solutions. ACER remains at the forefront of technology, bringing new ideas to life and placing them in the hands of consumers. By leveraging its long-standing partnerships and unwavering drive to innovate, ACER aims to embed more technology into people’s lives, further improving the digital world.

If ACER’s stand at Computex 2024 is any indication, at least one company is marching right into that future with a vision for today and beyond. ‘This includes Shedding New Light on Creativity,’ ACER and its partner Phison proudly announced at the tradeshow, organised by Taiwan’s IT industry, ‘as well as unveiling solutions that meet today’s demands and tomorrow’s needs.’

Jun 06, 2024
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