Unlocking New Realms of Gaming: How NVIDIA is Transforming the Experience

As the digital entertainment industry moves at a rapid pace, NVIDIA is creating standards for how gaming can look in the future. With its impressive new DLSS capabilities, NVIDIA is not only pushing boundaries. It’s helping make sure that everyone has the opportunity to take part in the revolution. Let’s take a look at how NVIDIA technology is reshaping gaming spaces and why games like Star Wars Outlaws and Marvel Rivals will be immersive worlds worth exploring.

NVIDIA DLSS 3.5: A Leap Towards Realism in Gaming

Elevating the Visual Experience

And is absolutely critical for fans of GeForce RTX GPUs. It gives them real-time ray-traced effects and lighting. A really big deal, especially for use in games like the upcoming Star Wars spin-off, Star Wars Outlaws (out August 30). Note that I said huge. Not big, not massive, not shock and awe, but huge. Because this is a game-changer when it comes to the ultimate in gaming graphics. And it’s only possible because of the DLSS 3.5 technology known as Ray Reconstruction. Ray Reconstruction is a big advancement over the initial DLSS Ray Tracing technology launched as part of GeForce RTX 4000 series three years ago. Basically, entire new effects and functionality can be achieved with 3.5 that necessitated major changes within the game’s code to achieve before. A Ray Tracing Engine relies on vast amounts of maths to calculate multiple light rays bouncing off and between objects in a game.

A Showcase of Unparalleled Quality

But at Computex 2024, NVIDIA not only talked about what DLSS 3.5 can do but also revealed an exclusive trailer of Star Wars Outlaws with a director’s commentary, showcasing the perfect quality and incredible performance that DLSS 3.5 will bring. Marvel Rivals is slated to launch with NVIDIA AI-powered DLSS 3 technology, the latest addition to the list of games that are taking advantage of NVIDIA’s technology.

Why NVIDIA DLSS Matters?

Redefining Gaming Standards

The pace and frequency of improvements NVIDIA is pushing into every new game, including the DLSS, Reflex and ray-tracing features that give GeForce RTX players the best experience, epitomises how the company is pressing ahead to finish ahead. Today, more than 500 games and apps ship with RTX tech, a testament to NVIDIA’s dominance of gaming.

The New Era of Gaming with NVIDIA

NVIDIA DLSS will be added to the titles Star Wars Outlaws and Marvel Rivals, but that’s just the beginning. NVIDIA DLSS isn’t just changing games, it’s adding a new, higher bar. Developers can adapt games to offer advanced ray-tracing effects while retaining high frame-rates at 4K. Gamers now have the promise of stunning visual fidelity, lower system latency for faster gameplay, and better all-around gaming.

Streaming the Future with NVIDIA GeForce NOW

While the Booster technology of NVIDIA DLSS 3.5 brings advanced RTX experience to NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPU users on PC devices, NVIDIA GeForce NOW Ultimate also offers gamers the opportunity to stream ‘Star Wars Outlaws’ and other PC titles with the latest NVIDIA RTX technologies on any device, without concern for hardware power.

The Ultimate Gaming Experience with NVIDIA

Star Wars Outlaws is achieved in the Snowdrop Engine, a new rendering engine built from the ground up specifically for highly detailed AAA games environments. Under the hood is NVIDIA’s new RTX tech, which further enhances this capability, allowing gamers in a new Star Wars immersive environment to experience new and iconic locations.

Pre-order Now

And with Star Wars Outlaws set for an all-out blaster event on 30 August, and Marvel Rivals set to redefine multiplayer combat, NVIDIA is determined that the future of gaming isn’t just looking good, it’s already here – and you can pre-order it now to access your future early.


In the gaming world, NVIDIA is basically a synonym for innovation. The company is still on its way to becoming a groundbreaking name in the industry, with hardware and software technologies that no one else can match. Its GPUs are so powerful, as gamers will vouch for, they have become an inseparable part of the gaming world. But we’re talking about gaming here, and gamers tend to be creative people. And so NVIDIA has been working not only in hardware but in software as well – actually, enabling other software developers – with technologies such as DLSS and Reflex. Today, as NVIDIA blazes the way in innovation once again, I dare say they are not only a hardware manufacturer but also another critical element of the revolution of gaming. And this is the reason why gamers all over the world continue to make gaming history.

Jun 06, 2024
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