Unleashing Creativity and Performance: The NVIDIA App Beta's Groundbreaking Update

The Gateway to Enhanced Gaming and Creative Endeavors

Standing at the forefront of PC gaming and content creation, NVIDIA is now fully committed to bringing the user interface of our solutions into the modern age, with our NVIDIA app, first released in February, being a first step in that direction. In June, that experience is about to get even better, with new features arriving in a beta update.

Elevate Your Content with 120 FPS AV1 Recording

Clarity and Efficiency Redefined

Your video recording just got better. The NVIDIA app beta update we just released brings you new surprises. We’ve added AV1 SDR and HDR video encoding support, which will greatly enhance the clarity and quality of your recorded content. The update uses the extremely efficient eighth-generation NVIDIA Encoders (NVENC), which is available on GeForce RTX 40 Series, to achieve a 40% improvement in encoding efficiency. In other words, we can encode even higher quality videos without the downside of significant growth in disk space, welcome news for gamers and content creators alike.

Smoother Playback and Superior Quality

For those who seek a silky smooth look in their videos, the NVIDIA app now supports 120 frames-per-second recording – a huge boost, especially paired with AV1 encoding on GeForce RTX 40 Series cards, which provides unmatched capture quality at the same bit rates as legacy encoders such as H.264.

Enhancing Performance with a Single Click

Automatic GPU Tuning: Simplicity Meets Power

NVIDIA is offering a simplified path to getting the most out of the GPU in your machine. Whether you tweak with the Performance Panel or use a GPU tuning tool that can automatically optimise your GPU’s performance for you (also available for GeForce RTX graphics cards), your machine should be in prime condition to get the best out of it.

A Redesigned In-Game Overlay Experience

Streamlined Access and Enhanced Features

Photo Mode. In this release, the user interface for In-Game Overlay and Photo Mode was also reworked to improve usability, and two new features simplify entering and exiting In-Game Overlay, and real-time GPU power stats are now available in In-Game Overlay.

GeForce Reward: A Gateway to PC Game Pass

Exclusive Offers for NVIDIA App Users

But a major part of its commitment to rewarding user participation is giving GeForce users exclusive benefits like in-game content and premium upgrades to GeForce NOW membership through its members-only GeForce Rewards loyalty programme. On 4 June, you’ll be able to claim 3 months’ free access to PC Game Pass to tinker with a selection of more than 100 immersive games, many of which are fully optimised for PC using NVIDIA tech such as DLSS and Reflex.

Looking Ahead: A Continuously Evolving Experience

Your Feedback Shapes the Future

NVIDIA’s work on making the NVIDIA app better isn’t finished, either. In the coming months, we will add the remaining NVIDIA Control Panels options and new features, such as DLSS controls, to the NVIDIA app. We will continue to develop the NVIDIA app as we forge new paths for games and creating content on our GPUs. While we unify more functionality within the NVIDIA app (such as bringing both GeForce Experience and RTX Experience under the same NVIDIA app framework), we’ll continue to iterate on the current apps to make them better for you, our friends in the gaming community.


NVIDIA is the leader in creating technologies that power the world’s fastest graphics cards, PCs, and gaming systems. The company is rightly known for its GeForce graphics cards, but its innovation in visual computing goes hand in hand with its leadership in artificial intelligence research and development. The continuous improvements to software and hardware powering the company’s products aim to improve the user experience, deliver improved performance, and set new barometers for computational capacity and efficiency. Whether you’re a gamer looking for the best experience or a creator in need of high-performance rendering, NVIDIA’s ecosystem includes the tools you need to succeed.

Follow NVIDIA’s journey and discover all the possibilities that RTX brings to gaming and content creation through our app. Download the beta, let us know what you think and be part of a changing NVIDIA experience.

Jun 06, 2024
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