Revolutionizing Cloud-scale Efficiency: MSI Unveils Intel Xeon 6 Processor-based Server Platforms

Efficiency and performance is not just a goal in cloud computing and data storage, it’s a must. These are the machines that shape what tomorrow looks like and, as the largest design-manufacturing IT brand in the server market, MSI is once again leading the way. At the Computex 2024 in Taipei, Taiwan, MSI unveiled a range of new server platforms based on Intel Xeon 6 processor with new designed server enclosing capabilities that help usher in the new era of cloud scale computing.

Catering to Modern Data Centers: An MSI Triumph

A New Paradigm in Server Technology

MSI’s announcement at this year’s Computex 2017 in Taiwan of its new line of server platforms, which includes the first of the new Intel Xeon 6 processor-based servers, is a milestone along that path for dynamic and efficient use of data centre equipment. Danny Hsu, general manager, Enterprise Platform Solutions Division, MSI, described the way the actual needs of today’s data centres has made it necessary to look beyond traditional performance measurements such as number of cores and amount of watts. ‘Performance is not about the number of cores or watts,’ he said. ‘A server is more than the sum of its components.’ That’s why, he said, the MSI Intel Xeon 6 processor-based servers were specifically engineered for density and power efficiency, designed to give customers maximum performance under the most demanding of loads.

Unleashing Power and Efficiency

MSI's new solutions include three specialised server platforms: the CX170-S5062, CX270-S5062, and CX271-S3066, all powered by the powerful Intel Xeon 6 processor, made for the needs of cloud service providers.

CX170-S5062 and CX270-S5062: The Pinnacle of Performance

The two 1U CX170-S5062 and 2U CX270-S5062 platform both possess the exact same motherboard of the DC-MHS form factor, both together with the cutting-edge DC-SCM2 module. They both support dual-socket processors, and each comes with 32 write-behind DDR5-DIMM memory slots. Besides, they both come with a PCIe 5.0 x16 OCP NIC 3.0 mezzanine slot compatibility. The 1U CX170-S5062 features two PCIe 5.0 expansion slots, and up to 12 2.5-inch PCIe 5.0 U.2 NVMe drive bay. The 2U CX270-S5062 platform comes with an expansion support up to six PCIe 5.0 expansion slots, and up to 24 2.5-inch PCIe 5.0 U.2 NVMe drive bay, which is a beast of a platform for AI inferencing and more.

CX271-S3066: Versatility Meets Efficiency

A good example is the CX271-S3066: a single-socket 2U server that can be equipped with up to 24 2.5-inch U.2 NVMe drive bays, 16 DDR5 DIMM slots, three PCIe 5.0 x16 slots, and other features.

Leadership in Server Management

The support of DC-SCM2 Server Management Module with Aspeed AST 2600 BMC was core to these new MSI server platforms, which also reaffirmed MSI's dedicated to provide professional server management solutions targeting the needs of modern data centre.

Beyond the Hardware: A New Vision for Data Centers

Driving Efficiency at Scale

The latest servers from MSI, based on Intel Xeon 6 processor and its server technology partners, represent a significant shift in server design as opposed to just an incremental hardware update. They exemplify a new vision for energy efficiency and performance of data centres, geared towards the challenges of cloud-scale computing.

The MSI Advantage

As the next generation of data centres emerges, the hardware that powers them needs to not only keep up but lead the way. MSI’s Intel Xeon 6 processor-based server platforms reflect that thinking: designed for cloud computing and big data analytics, they merge a blend of performance, energy efficiency, and flexibility that we believe will be at the heart of the evolution of the data centre.

Unraveling the MSI Legacy

MSI might be a new brand to the server space, or even just new to the technology sector in general, but it’s not some no-name company trying to do something it doesn’t know how to do. ‘MSI is a leading brand in innovation, quality and performance in the gaming industry,’ writes the company’s marketing director on its site. ‘MSI offers the world’s best gaming hardware, motherboards, graphic cards, desktops, laptops, and server technologies.’ True to form, the brand wants to ‘Lead the future’ by ‘edging toward the ultimate future.’

Embracing the Future with MSI

At Computex 2024, MSI isn’t just launching new products based on the cutting-edge Intel Xeon 6 processor. Instead, MSI is previewing the next generation of data centre technologies. By sticking to its guns and designing products to meet the needs of cloud service providers, MSI is ensuring that data centres become more efficient, more powerful and more adaptable. As the needs of the world evolve and the digital world continues to grow, MSI will be pushing itself to deliver more and more… but never less.

Jun 06, 2024
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