Get # From Screen to Console: AMAZON's New World Takes the Leap

There’s no denying that Amazon has spent the 2010s expanding its digital footprint into new areas of culture, from e-commerce and cloud computing to the very centre of gaming. While Amazon’s new-from-the-ground-up MMO New World sucked up PC gamers’ attention earlier this year, now the online retailer is gearing up for its console debut, too. In that context, Amazon’s creep into gaming doesn’t just add another link in a chain of interconnected Amazon services; it also gives us a new way to think about consoles.

A New World on Your Console

The fantasy MMO Amazon’s New World: Aeternum is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S This October, New World: Aeternum, the world-building MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) created by Amazon Games, is coming to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

Exploring the Cross-Platform Frontier

The most promising feature of the console launch is crossplay, in which barriers between players on different platforms will come down and friends could join together in New Aeternum regardless of their choice of gaming hardware. After the 30 April launch, however, cross-progression will not be part of the package – no matter what you do or what you earn will remain shackled to the platform on which you earned it.

Control and UI: A Console-Centric Redesign

To give console gamers an experience closer to traditional MMO console games, Amazon Games has also been continually reworking New World’s controls and UI to make it feel natural and intuitive, giving console players access to every feature.

The Dawn of New World: Aeturnum

Though it is a rehash of the past, a console port of New World: Aeternum shows us that not only has it been updated with some technical improvements, but also with more content.

A Fresh Start in Aeternum

Amazon Games plans to improve New World’s initial experiences, with more storytelling cutscenes and a fuller dialogue system, as well as make the game more accessible for solo players looking for something less social.

Elevating Gameplay and Engagement

The makeover applies to gameplay mechanics too: in New World: Aeternum, max gear score has gone up and a new PvP zone where the fittest can test themselves has been added, as has swimming, endgame solo trials, and a 10-player raid.

The Console Gateway: Pricing and Perks

Amazon’s console version of New World: Aeternum will run $60, getting players complete access to the base game and the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion. Those invested in playing right away can preorder for consoles or log in on PC before the launch date to gain an Azoth Stalker Wolf mount, which is exclusive to those who come in early. There’s also a deluxe edition, running $80, with more in-game exclusitives, including an exclusive Bear mount and a unique armour skin.

Looking Ahead: Continuous Updates and Parity

We will continue to ensure that all players, regardless of which three platforms they play on – PC, PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S – experience the same rhythm of consistent updates and rich new content in New World.From October, the update schedule for New World will converge across PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Understanding AMAZON in the Gaming Realm

But, beyond the gargantuan retailer that runs the world’s largest by-volume e-commerce platform is Amazon Games, the organisation’s game development division, and its passion project to produce immersive online gaming experiences. In New World and its move to console gaming, Amazon not only showcases its technological superiority, but also its commitment to diversity, inclusion and representation. As Amazon navigates the world of gaming, New World: Aeternum’s focus on bridging the gap between PC gaming and console gaming is also Amazon’s broader vision: to bring players captivating, genre-crossing adventures in one stunning package.

In other words, bringing New World to more consoles is not just a beginning for Amazon Games, it’s a beginning for just about everything. As the future of Amazon games continues to expand, the newest version of New Aeternum and beyond is ahead.

Jun 08, 2024
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