The Future Is in Our Hands: How AMD-Powered AI PCs Are Shaping The Next Generation of Computing

The pace of change in technology has never been faster. Artificial intelligence is emerging as the driving force in this revolution, and the latest generation of AI PCs are leading the way, promising a revolutionary change in the way we interact with technology while also offering your business the single greatest enhancement to its efficiency, creativity, and productivity. Find out how AMD is leading the charge to make this revolutionary advantage available to your organisation.

Introduction to the AI PC Revolution

The speed with which AI has advanced in the past 18 months signifies a profound shift in the nature of computing. The next generation of PCs based on AI processors is leading the way – AI-based systems will soon be the dominant way that businesses use computers. This isn’t a benign shift; it is a major change in the nature of computing.

Understanding the Core of AI PCs

At the heart of the AI PC are three key components: the CPU (central processing unit), the GPU (graphics processing unit), and a new type of processor called the NPU (neuromorphic/neural processing unit). AMD’s Ryzen AI brand has been at the centre of this integration of power and efficiency to give us an unprecedented expectation of our computing devices.

The Unprecedented ADVANTAGE of Dedicated AI Processors

The addition of an NPU to AI PCs is a game-changer. Not only can it be a more efficient processor for AI workloads, but it also frees up the CPU and GPU for other workloads, creating a compelling advantage for performance and power usage. AMD’s plan to integrate an NPU in laptop and desktop APUs is leading our industry, and users are on a path to a future where AI can be more fully harnessed.

Historical Perspectives and Future Trajectories

This process of gradually wedging custom processors into our computing devices is hardly new. What will be different, though, in this next iteration of AI, is the extent to which the field can be squeezed into application-specific integrated circuits. Just as floating-point units and graphics accelerators transformed the PC decades ago, AI processors are apt to transform computing in ways that are only now coming into focus. In other words, this path hints at a future where AI is embedded in the interface between you and your technology in a way that is more likely to remain hidden behind the scenes – yet all the more significant as a consequence.

Why the Time to Invest in AI PCs Is Now

It’s not if but when AI PCs will take off. The sooner businesses begin integrating AI into their operations, the better positioned they’ll be to outmanoeuvre competition and master the further advancement of AI in productivity and innovation. AMD’s Ryzen AI-equipped systems showcase the future of commerce, ready to usher in businesses with the foresight to lead us to the next generation.

Explaining the ADVANTAGE

The net effect of integrating AI directly into computing is to increase efficiency, creativity and, by enabling complex processes to be executed by ordinary computer users, to democratise the processes. That’s why AMD is investing in this future, and why we are continuing to make significant advancements in integrating AI and AI acceleration capabilities into our next generation Ryzen PRO processors.


The era of the AI PC has begun, and computing is about to get a whole lot faster, better, and smarter. AMD is leading the charge with Ryzen AI, and we all stand to benefit. Rather than asking ‘Will AI computing be the future of computing?’, the future is here – it’s more a question of how fast we can evolve to take advantage.

Jun 12, 2024
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