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In an age where technology is embedded in every aspect of our lives, Apple last week launched its latest breakthrough, Apple Intelligence, at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, what one expert called ‘AI for the rest of us’. This new technology will allow us to interact with our devices in a deeply personal, intuitive way, without compromising privacy: ‘It works across iPhone, iPad and Mac.’ What other platform is so elegant? Only Apple could pull this off.

The Core of APPLE Intelligence: Privacy, Personalization, and Power

Integrated into this is Apple’s longstanding ethos of privacy, which is at the heart of Apple Intelligence. As a rule, all of the processing is done on the device, meaning that any data doesn’t ever leave the owner’s gadget, but for tasks that need a bit more grunt, Apple has developed a new feature called Private Cloud Compute. This can use elements of cloud processing to gain additional storage without the vulnerabilities to hacks, etc, and yet still keep the data secure.

Intuitive AI Across APPLE Devices

With iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia, Apple Intelligence, which operates on A17 Pro and M family chips, will usher in a new level of user immersion with powerful guidance that not only speeds up your tasks, but also personalises your devices to embrace topics of interest and generate text in ways that elevate your creativity. The future of Apple’s journey to becoming an AI-powered enterprise will turn every interaction into a purposeful experience. As Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said in the launch of M1: ‘It’s not just a supercomputer. You have to think about the whole relationship with the user. We want to keep the experience deeply personal to you.

Transforming Tasks Through Generative Models

The most intriguing feature is a unification of large language models and an extension called Rewrite, which will help you write better in Mail, Notes, Keynote, Pages and Safari. Whether you’re composing a serious job application or a thank you note, Rewrite will help you tighten up your message with suggestions on structure, spelling and style. Priority Messages and digests will also show up in Mail, so that you can get a quick gist whenever you want to check in quickly.

Prioritizing What Matters in Notifications and Communication

For writing support, Apple Intelligence doesn’t stop at providing suggestions but rather helps you prioritise notifications and communications. Urgent messages float to the top of your inbox, and new transcribe and summarise features in Phone and in Notes make capturing and sharing information lightning fast. You can even become an artist with the Image Playground and create genmojis for every occasion.

Creative and Contextual Enhancements

It will augment your ability to remember things using the information in your photo library, which will assist Siri in summarising events and providing prompts to help you relive your experiences. In a further upgrade, Siri will also become more context-aware with the ability to search via ChatGPT to find information that might allow for a wider range of responses and interactions with the user.

In Conclusion: A Step Forward in AI

Never before has Apple been more poised to bring a new kind of intelligence to the user experience like Apple Intelligence: powerful, personal, intuitive AI. When the full system is released along with iOS 18, iPadOS 18 and macOS Sequoia this September, the world will be introduced to a whole new kind of interface, shaped by Apple’s strong dedication to privacy and innovation.


Fundamentally, Apple is a system’s innovator: a company that comes to market with products and services that merge aesthetic and functional innovation with privacy. In continuing to evolve its user experience, Apple can claim a standard for human-centred excellence in balancing privacy and functionality, consistently pushing the digital frontier in ways that redefine what’s possible with technology. And with Apple Intelligence, the company has provided a glimpse of the future by providing its vision for our new digital reality.

Jun 11, 2024
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