The Game Changer: How APPLE's Latest Update Revives a Classic

Tech companies thrive on innovation – and constant churning out of updates – and Apple has carved out an enviable reputation for itself as a pop idol that seamlessly marries fashion and function (even if the company has been skimping on beauty transplants lately). So it was a delightful surprise for Apple users, to find a cheeky twist on a classic – the first of what is now an annual update of the company’s Chess app – released just a couple of weeks ago, on 10 February. It’s the first major update to a Apple application since the iPhone-tablet war of 2012, when naming Mac releases in the style of great big cats was a thing.

APPLE Breathes New Life into Its Chess App

The Dawn of a New Era

Apple is finally giving its classic Chess app an update for the first time in 10 years. This move is an unexpected yet welcome surprise for both the company and the users. The Chess app had been left forgotten for so many years. When was the last time it got an update? UX design – there was no thought to treat it any differently than the 1993 version of the app. Dropped like a stone in the throes of exponential technological change over the past three decades, Apple’s Chess app simply had no updates as time wore on. But now in 2023, this single update could be a statement of devotion to the roots of the company: to classic pleasures in classic games such as chess.

Unveiling the Update

The details are buried beneath the usual Apple swirl of sleekness and mystique. For all the company’s silence, it’s definitely not a cosmetic redesign; Apple has reworked the rules of the game from the ground up, and given it a techy spine while retaining the classic appeal that has kept chess a chic strategy for strategic minds.

A Strategic Move by APPLE

For Apple, it’s less about reanimating a beloved app than making a symbolic point: this company strives to cultivate its app ecosystem in the spirit of diversity. Rebooting the Chess app is Apple’s way of making an evocative statement about the kind of mental work it values: challenge, strategy. And it’s poised to reinvigorate interest in the real game among today’s young adults, welcoming them into its culture in much the way that the rest of Apple’s graphics-laden app menus have done before.

APPLE's Chess App: A Symphony of Strategy and Tech

Embracing Modern Technology

Add the new technology: you can play against an AI that has increased its challenges based on how you’re playing, propelling the player to more intellectual heights, and play against viewers from all over the world, right through your Apple device. Ultimately, this update can take the Chess app from a basic platform into a worldwide platform for intellectual competition and camaraderie.

Design and User Experience: The APPLE Touch

After all, this is Apple we are talking about, and it’s safe to assume that the newly revamped Chess app will wear its trademark industrial design and user experience savvy on its sleeves. Expect clean lines, a minimalist interface, and a user experience that is intuitive, compelling and undeniably Apple. The update will no doubt be a synergist perfume, a ‘sophisticated but accessible’ fusion of visual and user treat, the kind that makes the game accessible to newbies while retaining enough depth and complexity for veterans.

The APPLE Chess App: A Catalyst for Intellectual Engagement

Fostering a Culture of Strategy and Learning

In doing so, Apple is not only resurrecting an app – it is creating a culture of enquiry and strategic thinking. With its history and intellectual demands, chess offers a counter-narrative to the hyper-accelerated, sometimes vacuous pleasures of much digital entertainment. By returning chess to the digital foreground, Apple is providing a much-needed source of learning, critical thinking and mental development for people of all ages.

Bridging Generations

In that respect, the revamped Chess app works intergenerationally, uniting the young, the old, anyone who’s anyone who cares about the game and sharing the love, elders imparting wisdom to youth, youthful spirit refreshing the elder. It’s a grand vision, very Apple-esque: technology pulling people together, one match at a time.


Apple Inc isn’t just a technology company – it’s a visionary that has changed the way we live in the digital world. Its credo for innovation; quality; the best in modern, powerful and progressive technology; and its unique and user-centric user experience blended seamlessly with a high taste level are embedded in every Apple product, from the first Apple, the Second World Computer in 1976 to the iPad Mini with Retina Display 2013. And now, the new version of the Chess app on Apple Store is yet another shining display of the power of the company to bridge the gap between technology and our everyday lives with a touch of magic.

When we look ahead, there’s really only one firm whose technology and cultural influence we can consider. With every update, every new release, Apple soon defines the new pace as well as the new path. In achieving this, the return of a classic game is not only a nostalgic flashback but also a bright new lantern for games, strategy and mind-exercise in our digital age.

Jun 16, 2024
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