Unveiling the APPLE Twist: Siri Gets a Genius Collaborator

A game of two platforms – two operating systems, two competitors, Apple and Android – dominates our modern digital thinking. One company seeks to reinvent the future of artificial intelligence and will turn to an unexpected, non-technical player to do it. I am talking about Siri, Apple’s longtime digital voice-assistant, and the new collaborative Siri – and what it may mean for the future of AI.

APPLE's Latest Stroke of Genius with Siri

At WWDC 2024, Apple demonstrated what it envisions as the future of AI, or rather, what it’s calling ‘Apple Intelligence’. Siri, for example, can now create custom emoji, summarise emails, and edit photos at a professional level. Perhaps the biggest ‘secret’ that Apple left out of its lecture was that Siri may soon use Google’s Gemini algorithm to process complicated questions. The rivalry between Apple and Android is about to change forever – with Google.

Siri Teams Up With GOOGLE Gemini

Lights, camera, not-so-action: when Siri announced she wouldn’t go it alone on every question, experts noted she would summon help from Google’s Gemini – the first foray in history of AI crossovers. ChatGPT will be the first AI helper that Siri will tag in for requests beyond the home base; the plan is to invite others, including Gemini, to bolster Siri’s problem-solving skills into a cohesive shared platform.

Why Gemini?

Gemini is a formidable competitor to ChatGPT, providing better AI than any other option so far While we haven’t yet seen the full integration of Gemini on Android devices, I was pretty surprised when I learned that it is now a partner of Apple’s Siri assistant. Not only does this overcome the problem of a platform wall, it also allows people to choose which AI they want as their assistant, rather than being stuck with whichever one belongs to their default machine.

APPLE's Privacy-First Approach

Of course, given the heightened concerns of our times about data privacy, Apple has gone further, disallowing access by Siri to Gemini – or any other AI – until it gets explicit permission from the user, and allowing aggregate data collection that includes only the details required by the third-party programmer. In this way, Apple – more than any other entrepreneurial company in the world – appears to remain committed to its foundational principle of user confidentiality, a fact that may well shine at least some light on its AI strategy going forward.

Experience the Future of APPLE Intelligence

We can’t say what exactly the new Siri will be able to do, but I can tell you that we’re all waiting with bated breath. In fact, just looking at the roadmap for Apple’s AI that was revealed at WWDC 2024, it’s clear that we’re standing at the threshold of a massive revolution in technology, but also in the way we live and interact with each other online.

How to Access APPLE's Advanced AI

Keen to try out Apple’s new AI features but ready to wait? You might be on a waitlist. But with a host of improvements due from a killer Calculator app to the full range of Apple Intelligence features and more, you’ll certainly be rewarded for your patience.

Exploring the Essence of APPLE

Fundamentally, Apple is about more than just making tech. It is about the philosophy to continuously push the envelope toward the bleeding edge, but also about the deep desire to keep privacy and user experience paramount. The latest iteration of Siri, powered by Gemini and using crowdsourced discovery, is a kind of distillation of Apple’s drive to weave together the best of computing technology with the best of human-centred design. In choosing to partner with a competitor rather than compete with it, Apple is changing not just its own approach to AI but also the definition of what’s possible for the industry.

A New Chapter in AI Collaboration

And with Apple’s latest step of having Gemini work alongside Siri, we might finally find out how to achieve such a feat.


Apple Inc has always been a trailblazer in the technology space. From its beginnings, Apple has continuously redefined the technological landscape and how we interact with it, while also emphasising sleek design, user-friendly interfaces and the highest standards in privacy. With Apple’s newest investments in AI services and strategic partnerships, it will continue to be an innovator in technology that enhances people’s lives.

Altogether, the fact that Apple has partnered with a competing platform – unexpectedly so – reflects an overarching vision of a more unified, efficient, privacy-centric common good when it comes to AI. There’s no question that Apple is continually redefining the frontiers of what’s possible when it comes to AI while also remaining steadfast to the goal of improving the user experience while also protecting privacy. With this move, they’re not just showing us how the digital assistants of tomorrow might look and function, but also revealing how other giants in the tech world can carry Apple’s torch as a bastion of user-centred innovation in a shifting digital landscape.

Jun 12, 2024
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