Casting Vision: APPLE's Leap into Spatial Computing with Vision Pro

At the forefront of the ever-narrowing gap between real life and the digital realm, APPLE has just announced a bold step into the future at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2024 with the launch of VisionOS 2, and the announcement that it was making Vision Pro available internationally.

The Heart of Innovation: VisionOS 2 Unleashed

APPLE’s announcement of VisionOS 2 is the latest moment in the evolution of spatial computing: 2,000 spatial apps are now available for this productivity XR device, which is essentially a playground of digital experiences accessible at the user’s fingertips. APPLE is joined by some of the biggest digital service providers in the world – like Box, Slack and Microsoft 365 – in their mission to improve workplace productivity and collaboration.

Embracing the New Dimension: APPLE Vision Pro's Unique Offering

You could feel the anticipation around the new APPLE Vision Pro. APPLE CEO Tim Cook and Vice President Mike Rockwell could hardly contain their excitement as they demonstrated how the immersive headset could transform personal and professional spaces. With apps that could provide an almost infinite virtual canvas in which the individual user could write and draw, or that could turn any spot in any room into its own personal three-dimensional cinema: it’s making infeasible things feasible.

VisionOS 2: A Deep Dive into Innovation

This fall, VisionOS 2 will ship with new features, including optimisations for 3D spatial recordings and Mac Virtual Display, and updates to Travel Mode and Guest User.

Global Reach: Vision Pro’s Worldwide Debut

APPLE on Friday announced that it will be expanding the Vision Pro’s availability to eight new regions. This new global availability shows that not only is the device gaining traction with users, but also makes it clear that APPLE has plans to open up access to the latest technology everywhere.

Vision Pro in the Enterprise: A Game-Changer

APPLE is telling the business world that the future of social collaboration, immersive entertainment and augmented work compute belongs to spatial computing, and to APPLE Spatial Computing, in particular. Motorists could use Vision Pro while driving Porsche’s Mission R electric race car on a driving simulatorPorsche, it seems, agrees. So does Sharp Healthcare, the California hospital system that is experimenting with Project Glimmer, a holoportation system that will enable doctors to virtually meet with patients and their families at a distance. Home entertainment. Auto manufacturing. Healthcare – that’s just the beginning. The biggest story is not about APPLE, it’s about reimagining business for the next 30 years.

The Future of XR: APPLE’s Vision and Beyond

APPLE’s foothold in XR isn’t a dabble, it’s a stake. Competitors aren’t far behind. Meta is promising a big reveal next week, as well. The stage is set for design, manufacturing and marketing competition to heat up in the XR space like never before.

Understanding APPLE's Strategic Maneuvers

As far as I can see, it is less about hardware and software and more about the vision APPLE is forging with VisionOS 2 and the expansions of the Vision Pro: a future of tightly coupled digital and physical trance-temporal intensities of human experience in APPLE’s machined-grain interface.Its pragmatic paths through the XR valleys and mountains – partnerships, expansion into enterprise and an accessibility-informed UX – suggest that APPLE is not just entering the XR space; it is attempting to lead it.

WWDC 2024 will just be the beginning. As we await VisionOS 2 and the global rollout of the Vision Pro, it’s impossible to miss the roadmap – a world where tech is everywhere – at home, at work, at play. And the future looks bright.

Exploring the Core: What Makes APPLE Tick

Fundamentally, the company has always been a user experience, XR and innovation-driven one, from the days of early pioneering personal computers to cutting-edge XR technology. APPLE does what it does because people use and benefit from its products: its ‘whole mission has always been to bring the best user or customer experience to people’. And, from the iPhone to the Vision Pro, APPLE aims to bring people closer to a ‘unified, invisible, humanistic technology … not to eliminate technology, but to merge users with the technology’.

And now, as we watch APPLE write the next chapters in the history of spatial computing with Vision Pro and VisionOS 2, we see that APPLE’s spirit of innovation continues unabated. From a company that fundamentally changed the human experience by immersing us in a lens on the real world, APPLE has since transformed the aura of the web itself into a vibrant creative space. And now it has written the next book – and set the gold standard – for what we can expect from technology that makes human experiences possible in unimaginable ways.

Jun 11, 2024
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