Get # Bigger and Sleeker: The Dawn of the APPLE WATCH Series 10

It might look like a watch, but as technology rockets forwards, the fact that you have time on your wrist says so much more about the state of the art. It says you’re on the front foot. And whoever you are, your favourite tech billionaire, or just someone who loves their tech like the rest of us, you will know that your Apple Watch got that bit more advanced, that funky, just with the launch of the Apple Watch Series 10 this September. Well, we certainly hope so anyway. But we might have to wait a while yet for some information about that. The Apple Watch was launched in 2015, and there could be a good reason for that sticky launch date. So let’s make the most of the impatience drumming through your fingertips as you read this, and take a look at just what an Apple Watch Series 10 could mean for the future of our digital lifestyles.

APPLE'S Giant Leap: What's New with the Series 10?

The general expectation surrounding the Apple Watch Series 10 is palpable – noticeably more so than other impending Apple releases – leading most to cling earnestly to any additional tidbits of information for any idea of what the next model is going to bring us, and who you get to believe is the most accurate source of Apple leaks is ultimately a matter of taste. That being said, information from ‘Ming-Chi Kuo’ – someone whose credible Apple leaks have somewhat earned them a cult following – would suggest that the Series 10 models are going to get a significant up-sizing, weighing in at 45 and 49 millimetres, which is notably larger than the current Series 9 models which came in at 41 and 45 millimetres. For people who have followed the Apple Watch since the beginning, this proposed size increase would not necessarily be considered an innovation so much as it is a bona fide ball-point transition.

Design and Aesthetics: A Thinner, More Elegant Watch

Taking advantage of the current trend for slimmer, smoother and more elegant gadgets, it has been rumoured that a new Apple Watch Series 10 may be thinner than the previous iterations. This speculation converges with recent reports from other reputable sources, which indicate that Apple was betting on the new slipstream as a whole, which would see its offerings becoming slimmer across the board. A slimmer design could indeed be the key for creating the perfect synergy between the power of smart tech and the grace of traditional horology.

The APPLE WATCH Ultra: Standing Its Ground

But Kuo, too, indicated that the upcoming Apple Watch Ultra would ‘likely’ be ‘roughly the same size’ as the existing ones. He also mentioned that it might have ‘two new case colour choices … in darker color’. The news about the Series 10 focused on the upsizing – but the little snippets we have about the Ultra show that Apple is still committed to having products for different consumer tastes.

Innovation at the Core: 3D Printing Comes into Play

One of the most interesting points Kuo makes is his speculation that, beginning in the latter half of 2024, Apple intends to be able to use 3D printing in the manufacturing process for the Apple Watch. The company BLT in China is rumoured to be the provider of this technology. It remains to be seen what immediate benefit this would have, but the potential to create more complex designs and maybe heavier components is intriguing.

Why the Size Matters: Exploring the Benefits

Most importantly, additional screen real estate might allow users to interact with the Apple Watch in different ways, with larger displays allowing for additional apps, notifications and, crucially, health and wellness functionality. Apple has taken dramatic leaps in turning its watches into vital health-monitoring tools, so a bigger screen with better readability could make the tech more accessible to a wider range of users.

Beyond Aesthetics: The Promise of Advanced Features

Photo courtesy AppleApple is constantly upping the ante about what its watches can do. The Series 10 provides not just an aesthetic improvement with the large face and trimmed-down profile, but also a functional one. Will there be new sensors, longer battery life, or deeper apps? It’s hard to tell, but the possibilities are endless.

A New Era for the Iconic Wristwatch

With the Apple Watch Series 10 poised to walk one long block towards that future, this September is looking less like an arms race to make the smartwatch bigger – and more like a means of putting a massive exclamation point on what wearables can be. Apple is leading the race.

About Apple

At the centre of all these innovations is Apple. They are a company that have set the standard for technological excellence for years. Every single one of Apple’s products, from the iPhone to the MacBooks and the iPad, stand for innovation, quality and design. The Apple Watch also stands out from the rest. With their Series 10 launching this year, we can be sure that Apple will set the bar for what technology should do and how it should be key to all our life’s activities. Not only can the future be imagined, it can be worn.

Apple Watch Series 10 is not just the breaking point of Apple’s relentless drive for perfection, it’s just the beginning: a glimpse of the future that awaits us all, on our wrists and in our lives. But with bigger, smoother, more perfect screens packed into ever-smaller and more beautiful frames, the Apple watch is not, in fact, a watch. It’s an experience.

Jun 18, 2024
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