Unveiling the Future: APPLE's Leap Towards Universal Accessibility

In an era when these technologies are increasingly woven into the fabric of our daily lives more than ever before, APPLE has emerged as the company pushing the boundaries of accessibility for a more inclusive future. APPLE’s address on Global Accessibility Awareness Day, celebrated this year on 16 May, coincided with a series of announcements about new device features allowing computer users to do more effectively what people with physical disabilities want to do with everyday technologies, but have found unusually frustrating to do with standard options. APPLE’s dedication to innovation isn’t merely praiseworthy; it’s a new model for what technology companies can accomplish as we continue to strive toward making every person’s world a place of potential.

Navigating New Horizons with Eye Tracking

Powered by AI: A Look into APPLE's Eye Tracking Innovation

And, in an innovation, APPLE have developed Eye Tracking so that its front-facing camera scans and recognises facial movements to enable users to move elements of an app or send commands such as activations and gestures by moving their eye. APPLE’s application of integrated Eye Tracking and machine learning that does not require an accessory is their pioneer work in using AI for accessibility.

Experiencing Music Beyond Sound

Introducing Music Haptics: A Touch of Innovation

APPLE’s Music Haptics, now available on the APPLE Music website in tech-forward fashion. Courtesy of APPLEIn an unabashed marketing move, an announcement on the APPLE Music website offers Music Haptics, a “setting created especially for the Deaf and hard of hearing” that “lets you feel” your music. ‘Hear your favourites like never before with “taps, textures, and refined vibrations” – all produced by the iPhone’s Taptic Engine,’ says a blurb right under the huge icon on the same page. This tactile musical experience, though currently available only with the APPLE Music catalogue, suggests that there is indeed something to look forward to for music with tactile equalisation (MTE).

Simplifying Life with Vocal Shortcuts

Vocal Shortcuts personalises actions to your speech style. And Listen for Atypical Speech, an on-device machine learning setting, will recognise your individual speaking style and adapt accordingly. APPLE’s support for cerebral palsy, ALS, stroke and other conditions reflects a deep commitment to catering to individual differences.

Beyond the Basics: VisionOS, CarPlay Enhancements, and More

With each system update, the list of accessibility features keeps growing: from the Magnifier app’s Reader Mode to Hover Typing, there are new additions to VoiceOver and VoiceControl, and even systemwide Live Captions with VisionOS, and low-vision-focused adjustments such as Reduce Transparency and Dim Flashing Lights. CarPlay’s new Voice Control, along with Color Filters and Sound Recognition, highlight APPLE’s approach to accessibility: everyone can enjoy the ride, no matter how you experience the world.

APPLE’s Dedication to Accessibility: A Path Forward

Perhaps APPLE’s never-ending tweaking of ease-of-use showcases its dedication to innovation just as much as its ability to turn to science fiction and pull out a capability that’s unmentioned in the science fiction just yet. And perhaps APPLE’s work on accessibility is part of its mission to create a world that includes everyone online, from the beginning – a better way, and a better world for everyone. With announcements like the ones from this year’s WWDC, APPLE confirms once again that it’s a leader in creating tech for perpetual inclusion.

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This is a glimpse of what could be as we enter a new era in technology. APPLE is at the forefront, and if they keep doing what they’re doing – working to democratise technology in unprecedented ways – then the future truly could be available to everyone.

May 15, 2024
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