The Dawn of Scheduled Texts: How APPLE's iOS 18 Revolutionizes Messaging

They waited a long time for it – it’s finally here: Apple has announced a groundbreaking feature for your smartphone that will change the way you use your iPhone to communicate forever. With the release of iOS 18, Apple users can finally schedule messages. The immediate response to this announcement was praise of Apple for listening to its users, and only Apple dare innovate in this area so languishingly. We’ll explore how this feature is changing communication forever, so you never have to forget to send a text again.

Welcome the Future of Messaging with APPLE’s iOS 18

Do you ever avoid sending a text in the wee hours of the morning because you don’t want to wake up your recipient? Have you ever had to send a birthday message in the 11th hour because you accidentally missed it earlier in the day? Apple’s new messaging schedule feature to be launched in iOS 18 this September will solve that problem for millions, if only they can tune into the show. And that’s exactly what Apple seems to have done: tuned into the user. At this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple surprised its fan club of 3,000 developers with a host of new features that all seemed to speak to one simple, almost cathartic, sentiment: I hear you.

iOS 18: Bridging the Gap in Communication

Now one of the key differences is gone, as Apple has ceded on the ability to schedule messages. After one does the composing on an iOS device, one’s message does not go out until the desired moment: later today, tomorrow morning, 2pm next Thursday. It’s just like Android elsewhere in the world. It’s a small sign of how the long-heralded functional evolution of iOS has begun. 8. Sending messages across multiple time zones is hard. But there is a new way to stay on top of messaging.

Crafting the Perfect Message

Now, when you use iOS 18, you can simply write your text as you would normally, schedule it for later, and tap a future time and date to ensure that it’s saved and sent at just the right moment, whether it’s after work or when you’ve had time to cool off a bit. Thanks to this amazing new feature, your messages will be better thought out and delivered than ever before.

More Than Just Scheduled Texts

In addition to requested message scheduling, iOS 18 is packed with features aimed at increasing user privacy, organising email and managing photo libraries, with AI promised to take centre stage in making the iPhone experience more intelligent and personalised.

iOS 18: A Unified Experience Across Devices

But Apple’s new scheduling feature is likely to be available for use everywhere – from the iPad and the Apple Watch to the Mac – thanks to the wide availability of Messages. This represents another movement towards integrated functionality where Apple is making convenience the new fundamental of ease of use.

A Note on Compatibility

The iOS 18 update, as well as the new feature of scheduling messaging will not be available for the iPhone X or older, meaning that users may have to update their phones in order to reap the benefits of new improvements.

Getting Early Access to iOS 18

Those who can’t wait to try out the new calendar and other features can also use the beta testing programme offered by Apple – an opportunity that lets users try forthcoming versions of the software early but also sends error reports back to Apple to help polish the iOS experience before it rolls out to everyone.

The Core of APPLE's Innovation

The company was built on the idea of making technology that better helps us communicate with each other, and with the world around us. The update of iOS 18 (which supposedly introduces the ability to schedule messages) shows that Apple is still on the cutting edge of technology, and clearly still caring about bringing joy to its users. The fact that this company is listening to the vast amount of people asking for this feature, and is introducing it in the next iteration of its mobile OS, shows a dedication to continue to make technology that, instead of being a barrier to communication, is a tool to make communication happen.

Understanding APPLE's Vision

One can trace a clear line in the development of Apple’s iOS, a line leading inevitably towards greater ease of use, greater integration with the user’s personality and greater synergy with the communicative nature of digital expression. Apple’s willingness to innovate, combined with its careful attitude towards feedback, mean that they can be said to be bringing something new with each update, always responding to the changing shape of digital communication, in view of each new iOS the next generation will be looking into. What comes next, iOS 18, and later still, is no doubt already in development. When the time comes to launch it, Apple will be responsive to how that shape has changed once more.

Discovering APPLE

Apple started as a garage dream in California’s Silicon Valley, and has since grown into the global technology giant it is today. The maker of the cult-followed iPhone, the iPad and the Mac, Apple is renowned for its dwellings of innovation and excellence. The tech giant leads the way when it comes to continuous improvement and growing deeper in width, having enabled millions of people around the world to work, play and everything in between using Apple’s ecosystem of ingenious products. The introduction of the scheduling feature in iOS 18 is the latest realisation from Apple’s mission of remaking how we live and function in and with our gadgets in the digital age.

Jun 11, 2024
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