## Unveiling Innovation: APPLE's "Let Loose" Livestream Event Set to Impress

7 May is another red-letter day for any technophile and any hardcore Apple head – APPLE has just announced that it will be holding a ‘Let Loose’ livestream and will showcase innovation and creativity, which is essentially another APPLE Event. Although many APPLE blessings will be spread on this day, including an array of new iPad models and accessories – including an all-new APPLE Pencil – many are still unsure about what makes this APPLE Event tagged ‘a different kind of APPLE event’. Let’s take a look at the lineup for APPLE’s day to determine what APPLE has in store.

### A Break from Tradition: APPLE's May Surprise

The company is used to having WWDC in June and its iPhone show in September, two events that are part of its repetitive and predictable cadence, ending with a bang and a shiny new gadget (or three) before Christmas. By having an event in May, far from either of those, APPLE is throwing a uniform at its audience, reminding us of that ‘scary fast’ livestream that announced the M3 MacBooks on the eve of Halloween last year. What, the APPLE community wonders, could this ‘different kind of APPLE event’ be?

### The Stars of the Show: What to Expect on May 7

‘Let Loose’. That’s the title of the APPLE Event the company is hosting on 18 October, which comes with an iconic image of a hand clutching a pencil. Many will realise that APPLE is targeting the iPad and its appropriate peripherals. Let’s consider some of the things we’re likely to see, though. Based on what Star Wars co-writer Simon Kinberg said to The Hollywood Reporter back in January, we know that APPLE is indeed preparing an enterprise-focused iPad. Fabled APPLE industry tipsters such as Mark Gurman can – and, more often than not, have – also been solid gold in providing us details about future APPLE products.

#### The New iPad Pro: A Leap into OLED

Also expected to make the showcase are a pair of new APPLE Watches. More importantly, however, the highlight on Monday is likely to be a brand-new product launch – the new iPad Pro. As rumours circulate, customers predict this to be the first iPad featuring an OLED display. It’d be a game-changer on the newest iPad in terms of image quality and device body slimming. Two sizes will be released, an 11-inch model and a 12.9-inch one. Perhaps more importantly, the newest iPad Pro will mark the likely switch to APPLE’s recent campus-blessed M4 chipset across the APPLE device fleet. The new M4 chip embodies APPLE’s clear move to integrate AI more pervasively across the APPLE ecosystem.

#### Refreshing the iPad Air

Not the iPad Air – a refresh is likely to bring a new model with the 2022-vintage M2 chip – the mid-tier position in the APPLE smart-device range. Most likely, this time with an enormous 12.9in (and not simply an XXL) makeover, in addition to the standard 10.9in model.

#### APPLE Pencil Pro: A New Touch of Genius

In graphics for its fall event, APPLE highlights the new APPLE Pencil Pro, which, in theory, will bring haptics to digital creativity with a tactile dimension that partially mimics the effects of what the user is doing to the screen, enhancing interaction and providing a more intuitive drawing experience.

#### The Magic Keyboard for iPad Gets an Upgrade

Pitted against the new iPad models will be a redesigned Magic Keyboard for iPads, which, made from aluminium instead of plastic, will have a more laptop-like appearance. It too should more than hint at the type of multipurpose device the iPad has become.

### A Prelude to More Innovations

As the event is entitled ‘Let Loose’, the new iPad models feature only as part of a showcase. Even with all the new features introduced, however, the event is still clearly quite partial; previous examples of APPLE device-specific announcements suggest that it’s just the opening of a broader positive shock. It would be a mistake, then, to look at these specific features as the core of a general strategy. There are speculations about a broader strategy going forward, especially with the iPad Pro models introducing new integrat... [Text Truncated]

May 07, 2024
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