# The Dawn of Ultra-Thinness: APPLE’s Sleek Future Unveiled

The history of tech innovation has been largely dominated by Apple, which has captivated the world with gizmos that are not only technologically superior but also beautiful to behold. In a move that epitomises the trajectory of the future of technology and design, Apple is said to be investigating how it could make all of its products as thin as the just-released M4 iPad Pro. We take a closer look at Apple’s designs for the iPhone, MacBook Pro and Apple Watch of the future, which are expected to be razor thin.

## The M4 iPad Pro: A Game-Changer in Design

Apple’s latest line of iPad Pro has led to the announcement of the new M4 chip, setting a new trend for thinness at 5.1mm (thinner even than the iPod nano), and a promise that all of Apple’s offerings in specific categories will be the thinnest and lightest available.

## The iPhone’s Next Evolution

Well, according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg’s Power On newsletter, it appears that Apple is indeed getting ready to give the iPhone a format-changing makeover next year. Sources familiar with Apple’s planning say that the iPhone 17 lineup will ‘feature the slimmest iPhone design in history’, released in 2025. That particular model will ‘dramatically’ out-thin whatever design we’re looking at today. It’s a huge leap forward, and a true re-envisioning of what phones should look like.

## MacBook Pro and Apple Watch Going on a Diet

And the iPhone isn’t the only thing he’s after to be put on a diet: the MacBook Pro and the Apple Watch are also in his sights. While Apple’s most recent version of the MacBook Pro is a bit thicker than its predecessor – largely as a result of giving the computer a major boost in processing power and restoring many of the favourite ports missing on the Thunderbolt display – it won’t be long before that’s reversed. And the goal seems equally clear: to create the thinnest most lightest versions of any of these products ever created, again forever raising the bar for technology and design.

## Reimagining the APPLE Watch

The ‘Apple Watch X’s big overhaul appears to be in the works. Though there are few details on what this revamp refers to, the possible integration of a slimmer frame and greater functionality has frenzied fans in a frenzy to see what the new release brings to the table.

## Anticipation Builds for Thinner Tech

It’s only a matter of time until we see these painfully thin MacBook Pros and Apple Watches. When exactly that’ll happen isn’t clear, but if the M4 iPad Pro is the beginning, Apple’s new design language is based on millimetres and speaks the language of minimalism.

## The Evolution Continues

From the start, Apple has been less about making slick hardware than about reimagining the experience of using it. By striving to evolve and push the boundaries of both design and technology, Apple not only makes objects that are more pleasing to the eye, but also more intuitive to use. Heading into this new world, one reality remains: Apple isn’t just thinking about its products, it’s thinking about the future of the very look and feel of tech.

### What Lies at the Core of Apple’s Philosophy

There’s an ideal, that is inherent to Apple’s spirit of innovation, of making products that are more than just faster, more powerful or even more feature-laden. The ideal is that technology should more delicately and elegantly fit into the way we lead our lives, less as tools and more as personal style and expressive of our values.

But in thin, Apple challenges us to reimagine what ought to be possible. Thin is an engineering triumph, a signal that the drag racing of the future is all about what computing feels like in your hand, and slips into your pocket, and how it disappears into the environment.

But this is the art of Apple innovating: it’s a process of ever-electrocuting itself and never quitting. What’s ahead of us in the Apple firmament? The next generation of redesigned Apple devices, the futures of which are sleek and shiny, too-thin and too-in-your-face, and undeniably bright.

Jun 17, 2024
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