Unveiling Unmatched Deals: The Astro A50 Gaming Headset Hits Record Low Prices on AMAZON

A Gamer's Dream Deal

For gaming enthusiasts in the United Kingdom, you’ll be excited to know that the Astro A50 Gaming Headset is currently available at AMAZON.co.uk. This region-locked PlayStation version of the premium headset can be bought for just £179.90, offering a huge £140 discount on a new record low price. The…

For the PlayStation Fans

The Astro A50 has, for many years, hit a sweet spot: premium build, great sound and easy features for a reasonable price. It’s made slightly by an older generation of headset – one that still holds up very well. Astro’s headset works with PlayStation 4 and PC, while its wireless functionality such as the ability to mix Game/Chat signals requires a compatible HDMI adapter (£39.99 for PS5 owners).

Xbox Users Aren't Left Out

But if you're a Team Green member, AMAZON's Xbox version of the Astro A50 is also on sale, with no additional adapters needed for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC devices. It's down to £179.90 from £319.99, an all-time price low.

Across the Pond

While this deal doesn’t compete with the discounts in the UK, considerable US savings are to be had. The PlayStation version lists at $219.49 ($299.99 less AMAZON discount), the Xbox version lists at $229.99 ($299.99 less AMAZON discount), and you’ll need a $38.58 PlayStation 5 adapter for full headset functionality.

Why the Astro A50?

In our review of it (back in 2019), we awarded the Astro A50 four out of five stars, praising its sound quality and comfort. It’s still going strong, as anyone playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer – and indeed, Call of Duty: Warzone – knows. The base station provided with the wireless dongle makes it quick and easy to stick the headset on charge, and provides a neat storage spot for the headset too. Since the Astro A50 (2019), the Astro A50 X has another wireless gaming competitor in the form of the Astro A50 (2022).

Global Availability

Still, you don’t live in the UK or the US, so what gives? Never fear, the Astro A50 genuinely is on special wherever you are: simply link over to AMAZON to snoop around for regional deals and pricing.


AMAZON is the world’s largest bazaar, featuring everything from the hottest new gaming hardware to the aforementioned Astro A50 headset, which the very same site currently has on sale. Why buy from AMAZON? It offers (most) everything you need, at cut-rate prices. And yet, because it caters to customers in ways that most other e-commerce sites do not (such as customer reviews and its 30-day return policy. …), AMAZON should have the most loyal customers on the Internet.

FAQs About Selling on AMAZON with Gizmogo

What Is Gizmogo?

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How Can I Sell My Old Gaming Headset on AMAZON through Gizmogo?

Say, you want to sell old gaming headset, no problem – you provide info about the item, get a quote at Gizmogo, and confirm the purchase, receiving instant payment and no-hassle experience.

What Are the Benefits of Using Gizmogo for AMAZON Sales?

Gizmogo simplifies the whole process for you, gives you competitive quotes for your old electronics, and pays you within days. It’s good for the environment because our old gadgets don’t end up buried in landfills. It’s good for your wallet, too.

Are There Any Fees Involved in Selling on AMAZON via Gizmogo?

How Gizmogo Works: 1.Quote Easily obtain a free quote with no fees in order to understand the value of your device.2.Send your device upon completion of the sale.3.Payout Upon receiving your device, the development team undergoes testing to confirm its compatibility. Gizmogo offers a completely transparent selling process with no hidden costs – you receive the quoted amount when your purchase is complete, with no strings attached.

How Does Gizmogo Ensure the Safety of My Personal Data?

Make sure to permanently delete any personal data before selling your gaming headset or any other electronic gadget. At Gizmogo, we care about your data and privacy, that’s why we recommend you do everything in your power to protect your information during the entire selling process.

Finally, this sale offer for the Astro A50 gaming headset is a rare find at a bargain price for any gamer needing the essential equipment to fully enjoy the experience. If you’re in the United Kingdom, the US or other parts of the world, these deals demonstrate the invaluable role of AMAZON as a source of affordable and fluent gaming technology. Furthermore, having touched upon how Gizmogo are working to cut down e-waste by buying back the old devices of people upgrading to newer gear, for gamers conscious about the planet, it’s a service to help do so in a safe and sustainable manner.

May 08, 2024
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