Elevating Compact PC Builds: Unveiling ASUS' Latest Nvidia GPUs

Size matters, they always say: but these days, in the world of computing, bigger is no longer always better. ASUS has just launched six new Nvidia graphics cards specifically for people who build small form factor (SFF) PCs, and this is a bold leap into the world of miniaturisation. Now power literally fits in the palm of your hands.

ASUS' Compact Powerhouses: A Close Look at the New Nvidia Graphics Cards

This includes every tier of computer user, from the family PC to the gamer, with the newly announced ASUS Prime RTX 4060 Ti, RTX 4060, RTX 4050, RTX 4070 Super OC Edition, RTX 4070, and RTX 4060 Ti OC Edition. Other SFF PC makers following suit won’t change that trajectory. In fact, SFF PCs become a whole lot more real. Not to mention, fit-anywhere powerhouse GPUs such as these.

Key Features: Compact, Cool, and Cutting-edge

The Design Philosophy Behind ASUS GPUs

ASUS’ new graphics cards embody this holistic design philosophy. Their smaller PCB and low-profile design aren’t only about saving space: they’re a statement that SFF PC builders no longer need to shortchange themselves when selecting a GPU to power their builds. Whether it’s the budget-friendly RTX 4050, like the one I’ve installed in my build, or the more extreme 4070 Super OC Edition, ASUS has a GPU for every build and every budget.

Performance Meets Innovation

From the word go, ASUS has always focused on performance, and these new GPUs are no exception to that rule. A lethal combo of power and value, these ASUS GPUs cater to the general mass of upgraders and the elite gaming community alike. ASUS GPUs are so flexible that even if you’re on a budget, there’s an ASUS GPU for you to turn your gaming and creative visions into reality.

Cooling: The Heart of the Matter

Cooling is key for any GPU – especially one destined for SFF; ASUS has paid attention, and custom cooling solutions ensure optimal temperatures even in the most compact conditions. You can push your hardware to the limits without any fear of running too hot.

When Can You Get Your Hands on One?

While ASUS’ announcement is a huge deal and will garner lots of attention, we don’t know how much these GPUs will cost (or even if they’re for sale, exactly), which is probably the burning question. But however you look at it, these GPUs are going to be new and exciting when they finally launch, hopefully in the not-too-distant future.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your ASUS GPU

The choice of the right ASUS GPU model from this category depends a lot on what your computing needs are, and how much space you have in your SFF. The RTX 4050 could be a great choice for those who want to get into the realm of desktop gaming without burning a hole in their pocket, but also for those who do not want to gobble up their entire system’s output with a single GPU. That being said, the RTX 4070 series, specifically the RTX 4070 Ti Super OC Edition, presents unprecedented performance for enthusiasts who have a budget to blow, and a taste for flagship GPU performance. It all comes down to what you want in an SFF PC, and what compromises you are willing to make based on your spatial and financial constraints.

A New Dawn for SFF PC Builders

The announcement from ASUS is far more than a new wave of products, it’s a new era for SFF PCs. Aside from expanding the possibilities for what’s possible in smaller builds, it’s the kind of ingenuity and quality ASUS is known for, and a testament to that tradition.

About ASUS

ASUS continues to lead the way in technology by striving for innovation, quality and performance. With a wide range of products from top-of-the-line PC components and accessories to smartphones to SFF PC gaming and entertainment components, ASUS is constantly innovating to push the envelope and expand the realm of possibility in technology for modern consumers. ASUS’ latest addition: a compact Nvidia GPU for SFF PC 2023.

Jun 16, 2024
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