Get # Captivating PIXELs: Unlocking the Best $500 Smartphone for Your Pocket

In the digital world of today, it can sometimes be more of a puzzle than a choice when deciding which smartphone you should buy next. Given how saturated the market is with choice, the best spot to find a phone that gives you most for the least price point is that smartphone that costs around $500. The two phones that I’m looking at in this review couldn’t be more competitive at this price point. So, the question remains: when pitting the budget-friendly yet under-the-radar smartphone by Google – the PIXEL 8a, against the almost-100-year-old yet insanely popular brand that has emerged as one of the frontrunners in the camera smartphone wars – the OnePlus 12R, which one of these shiny new toys deserves your $500?

PIXEL Perfection vs. Speedy Sophistication

Unveiling the Magic Behind the Google PIXEL 8a

The affordable tagline ‘premium AI comes standard’ pulses from the Google PIXEL 8a, inviting mid-range buyers to reap the benefits of the ‘AI’ buzzword while still keeping the cost down. More than the price proposition, it’s emblematic of the industry’s changing direction for budget phones: this is the first mid-range Android phone (among a handful in this price niche, but the sole one with a whopping seven years of software support) that delivers on-device AI sorcery. If you’re at all interested in photography, there might come a time when the PIXEL 8a’s camera will grab your heart: it could very well be the best in its segment at this price point.

The Swift Charm of the OnePlus 12R

Conversely, the high-performance OnePlus 12R is pitched at users with a taste for design and power, topping its razor-sharp display and fast charging with a premium glass finish. It might be the more tactile and sensual option to the all-conquering PIXEL 8a, but when it comes to its software support relationship and AI functionality, when the moment comes to commit, it might be just a little bit of a tease. And if you’re a serious gamer or power user, maybe you can forgive that, or maybe you’re better off with the 16GB RAM variant.

The $500 Debate: PIXEL 8a vs. OnePlus 12R

A Close Race in Design and Display

As far as aesthetics go, and that crucial first impression, it just might take a nose from the OnePlus 12R’s premium glass finish. Unless you’re the kind of user whose experience is far more functional than aesthetic, the PIXEL 8a might place a decisive thumb over the line.

Core Performers at Heart

And if Vaughan’s observation is right, then we might do better in looking deeper still at the hardware in these devices. We might find that, while it’s true that, on paper, the OnePlus 12R’s powerful processor and fast charging speeds give it the advantage of a sprinter, the marathon runner will be the Google PIXEL 8a, which is all-rounded to have the advantage of AI and an extended software lifeline.

Longevity and Loyalty: Software Support

When it comes to Android updates, the Google PIXEL 8a will last an incredible seven years. The OnePlus 12R, though no slouch, only lasts four years – a disappointing deal for the forward-thinking consumer.

Making the $500 Decision

After the 18th round in this $500 smartphone mudslinging match, it is evident that neither the Google PIXEL 8a nor the OnePlus 12R is holding back any punches. The PIXEL 8a is a jack-of-all-trades, with AI smarts, an open road ahead, and long-term commitment, making it an easy pick for the practical user. The OnePlus 12R continues to sprint ahead with a beautiful design, stunning display, and first-class speed, making it irresistible to the many users looking for their tech to light up their world without burning a hole in their pocket.

The Risk of Being Overshadowed

But that’s not all: a target on its back comes from a related problem. The PIXEL 8a is somewhat cheap enough – $200 for a great phone, yes – but it’s also priced within as little as $50 of its full-grown PIXEL 8 sibling. For that price bump, which often goes on sale for less, buyers can get an upgrade in every way. It’s the PIXEL 8a’s own family brand that threatens to cannibalise it.

Final Verdict: PIXEL 8a or OnePlus 12R?

Ultimately, whether you decide on the Google PIXEL 8a or the OnePlus 12R is a matter of personal taste and priorities. Is it flagship software support and better pictures? Aesthetics or just more power? At $500 both the PIXEL 8a and the OnePlus 12R are fantastic ways to get a taste of what it’s like to have flagship features without the price of the flagship.

Understanding the PIXEL

Finally, as this story of comparisons comes to a close, it’s important to emphasise what the ‘PIXEL’ branding from Google represents. Google’s PIXEL phones and PIXEL 8a (above) were the company’s vision of how Android should work. They showcased the company’s own AI and camera capabilities, as well as a clean, easy-to-use interface. Most importantly, with promises of monthly software updates for several years, a PIXEL phone has a longer lifespan that gets better with time, consistently feeling fresh and engaging, in an era of tech churn.

Regardless if you decide on $500 Google PIXEL 8a or a $500 OnePlus 12R as your next digital companion, you can be sure of this: you’re going to get a future in your hands.

Jun 02, 2024
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