Powering Up Your Chromebook: Essential Antivirus Software Picks for Chromebooks & Tablets in 2024

As more students and workers embrace lightweight laptops such as Chromebooks for their convenience – or take advantage of their built-in security features when using them on shared networks – it’s essential to keep your Chromebook and Tablet safe and protected. While the Linux-based Chrome OS is fairly resistant to many common threats, a layer of antivirus software will go a long way toward keeping your Chromebook from getting infected with malware or downloading viruses. This guide provides our carefully vetted top picks for the best antivirus to keep your Chromebook and Tablet running.

The Shield Your Chromebook Needs: Choosing Antivirus Software

We have wide-ranging experience testing Chromebooks and antivirus applications. We just know what works for your device in helping it fight back.

Malwarebytes: The Lightweight Protector for Chromebooks & Tablets

Malwarebytes still has its best Android app, for Chromebooks, and its free version does very good privacy audits of every app you have, with detailed reports about privacy issues and fees. Adware and outright malware will be detected. Premium versions with real-time browser monitoring and ransomware detection are available for $3.75 a month, but you get protection beyond what Chrome itself will detect.

Kaspersky: Comprehensive Security Solution for Chromebooks & Tablets

But if the drill-sergeant approach to security is what you need, Kaspersky has you covered, with a suite of tools that includes spyware detection and background scanning, and gallery and device location features for Android-powered Chromebooks. Kaspersky’s Android-optimised tools also feature device location and remote wiping. While a bit higher-priced than the abovementioned providers—a year’s worth of service runs about $12—Kaspersky’s broad protections are nevertheless a worthy investment.

ESET Security: Streamlined and Effective for Chromebooks & Tablets

ESET’s low-impact system footprint makes its offerings a tightly packaged, stripped-down set of tools. The Antivirus installation does all it needs to with a light touch, and adds antivirus scanning and security reports. The Chrome Cleanup extension adds yet another layer of browsing security. The full-blown Internet Security suite provides all of this plus a host of other features, but our tests found no reason to move above the Antivirus installation. The suite will set you back only $42 per year for three devices.

Avira: Versatile Security Suite for Chromebooks & Tablets

Avira’s suite is also spacious: it offers antivirus scans on demand as well as VPN services – and extensions to lock apps, as well as scan for rogue Wi-Fi networks. Its antivirus, malware, and privacy scanner and app locker are packed into Avira Prime, a $60-per-year subscription for five devices.

Bitdefender: Cloud-Based Convenience for Chromebooks & Tablets

For those who prefer on-demand or manual scanning, such as Bitdefender, there is no performance hit, whereas for those who want continuous protection, Bitdefender offers a lightweight system footprint. Bitdefender has a free antivirus app that just works on Chromebooks out of the box. To protect additional devices and manage Chromebook and Tablet security from one place, there are plans starting at free. Check your devices and protect those you love from Bitdefender Central. Check online or download the app now for added peace of mind.

Enhancing Chromebook & Tablet Security: Tips and Tricks

To maximize your Chromebook's and Tablet's security, consider the following steps:

  • Use Chrome browser extensions only from those with strong reputations and solid reviews from users.
  • Exercise caution when visiting new websites and downloading apps, especially from unofficial sources.
  • Regularly review app permissions to avoid unnecessary data access.

Closing Thoughts on Antivirus Protection for Chromebooks & Tablets

Although some people say that antivirus software isn’t necessary for Chromebooks, installing it for an extra layer of security might be a good idea. Whether you want it just for the basics or you want to pay more for something that includes everything, equipping your Chromebook and Tablet with antivirus software is the right move to make in this fast-changing digital landscape.

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May 29, 2024
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