Catching Security: What Home Security Camera Is Better, Blink Mini 2 vs RING Stick Up Cam Plug-In?

Finding the best home security camera might be a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, especially if it’s a serious threat (such as an intruder) that you’re trying to ward off. The good news is that there are plenty of excellent all-around cameras for sale at affordable prices, such as the Blink Mini 2 and the RING Stick Up Cam Plug-In. But which of these budget brawlers is the best camera for protecting your home and family?

The Battle Begins: Pricing and Monthly Fees

For those willing to compromise, the Blink Mini 2 is available at an incentivising price point of $40 (or less, sometimes dropping to $30), with a weatherproof package to boost it beyond its indoor limitations for an additional $20. On the other hand, RING’s Stick Up Cam Plug-In, while more expensive at $100, has newer models that, with competitive demand, sometimes drop to $70.

In a way, their best features are tied to the prices of their monthly subscriptions.There’s a sneaky trend in the smart camera market to tie their best features – feed saving – to a monthly subscription. RING charges $5 a month for its Protect Basic Plan, which sounds like good value, until you see Blink’s Blink Basic Plan, priced at just $3 a month. When it comes to being frugal, Blink comes out on top.

Pricing Winner: Blink Mini 2

Aesthetic Appeal and Easy Setup

And I can’t overstate the ease of set-up shared by Blink and RING, as each of these products helps users install the devices quickly and easily through a connected app, then they leave users to the work of configuring the alerts to their liking. While both Blink Mini 2 and RING Stick Up Cam Plug-In adhere to the minimalist design ethos, each offers its particular aesthetic. Blink Mini 2 is dainty, fitting easily into a cramped corner or tuckaway spot, and RING Stick Up Cam Plug-In is a sleek cylindrical design that succeeds by being both utilitarian and stylish.

Design and Installation Winner: A Harmonious Tie

Vision in the Dark: Resolution and Night Vision

Without strong night vision and resolution, a security camera is worthless, and both the Blink Mini 2 and the RING Stick Up Cam Plug-In offer 1080p quality. The RING camera offers colour night vision without an add-on spotlight, while the Blink Mini 2 requires an add-on spotlight for the same feature, putting it at a disadvantage.

Night Vision Winner: RING Stick Up Cam Plug-In

The Symphony of Features

Despite these very reasonable price tags, they both boast higher-end benefits – the Blink Mini 2 has Alexa support, two-way audio, custom motion zones and person detection with a Blink Plan and the RING Stick Up Cam Plug-In has two-way audio, customisable motion zones, Alexa compatibility and person alerts with a Ring Plan.

Feature Set Winner: It's all Square

Evaluating the Blink Mini 2’s Value

Even at that price, the Blink Mini 2 is a worthy opponent, especially for anyone trying to stretch their budget. It has the same resolution as the RING Stick Up Cam Plug-In for less money, less subscription, and less intrusion (see: size). However, if you’re already building a RING hub, adding a Stick Up Cam Plug-In might make the most sense, and it does have the standalone colour night vision, which significantly makes it a tempting albeit pricier option.

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Understanding the RING in the Competition

The RING Stick Up Cam Plug-In competes with excellent night vision and the promise of premium construction. Its compatibility with the RING ecosystem could also be a benefit for those who already own and are invested in other products in the family. While it costs more than the other plug-in cameras to buy and subscribe to the monthly cloud storage plan, the RING Stick Up Cam Plug-In is an excellent choice for someone who wants a plug-in camera with amazing night vision and seamless integration across a RING security ecosystem.

The Blink Mini 2 and the RING Stick Up Cam Plug-In represent the latest in low-cost home security. If you’re looking for either a minimalist design at a low cost or an ecosystem of features, which of these should you choose – and why?

Jun 06, 2024
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