The Art of Effervescence: Breaking Down the Breville InFizz Fusion Bubble Bonanza

If the simple act of drinking something to hydrate can be elevated to art, the appeal of fizzed up drinks isn’t going to be dulled by any hydration calculus. A cold drink is one thing, but a cold fizzing drink is something entirely different. It’s the sound of carbonated beverages as they head to the glass, the pops, the bubbles tickling the tongue, and the joy of being a child again. The Breville InFizz Fusion is the most magnificent of the market-leading soda makers, because it is the most elegant and versatile, bringing the magic of bubbles into your home. This review will set out what makes it the ultimate bubblemaster: the InFizz Fusion that can turn virtually any drink into fizz.

A Symphony in Design: The Upscale Essence of InFizz FUSION

The Maestro of Bubbles

Built for the bubbly connoisseur who wants the fizz in every sip, no matter what he’s drinking, the Breville InFizz Fusion is the pinnacle of soda-making luxury. With a stainless body and a die-cast lever, this device screams ‘prestige’ – the way it would look on your countertop is worth a thousand seltzer-centric IG captions. It comes without the plasticky build of its Bazarri competitor, but it also still doesn’t offer the option to bottle the beverage in glass.

The Effortless Rise of Effervescence

Crafting Bubbles with Ease

The magic of the InFizz Fusion lies in its simplicity: hook up a CO2 tank, pour in some liquid, and push a lever, and the streams of bubbles will arrive. With no cord, the ‘device assumes a place somewhere within the kitchen landscape, and its immediacy in operation confers on it a mobility’, leaving the user ‘to tell a story of its functioning, as it functions, or rather as we come to know it functioning’. Setting up the machine is intuitive and points out when things are hooked up correctly: perfectly chilled seltzer becomes a morning ritual, the narrative of a machine put to work.

The Taste Test: A World of Bubbly Possibilities

This is the beauty of the InFizz Fusion: it will carbonise almost anything. Your selection is further widened because you can carbonise liquids that you previously could not. Use it to perk up flat sodas. Mix a bit of carbonation with your wine for more of a sparkle. The possibilities for carbonated creativity are wide open in the summertime. The device really shines when it transforms simple staples into fun, fizzy iterations – consider carbonated lemonade and carbonated orange juice. Here are drinks that can challenge old standbys such as sparkling wine and seltzer. Yes to the dreams, but sometimes the curdles of dreams – such as with milk or cream – just don’t hold up well against carbonation.

Beyond Sparkling Water: The Unique FusionCap Advantage

What really sets the InFizz Fusion apart is its versatility, intelligent enough to cope with a range of different liquids – which are stuck in place with a pressure-release tab on the FusionCap, so as to tame even the most foamy of creations. This solves the age-old problem of how to preserve the fizz in a mixed drink that you made directly in the carbonated water, but it also obliquely acknowledges that fizzy SuperJuice won’t always be delicious – it certainly won’t work with thick mixtures or drinks containing dairy. it is a reminder that there are a few places even the most eager sparkleologist shouldn’t tread.

Making the Right Choice: InFizz Fusion vs. The Rest

The Ultimate Bubble Machine

But one does have to wonder, among the glut of cartridge- and bottle-based soda makers already available from competing brands, whether the InFizz Fusion, fusing (ahem) form with function, adds anything useful to the market. There are plenty of basic models for those who are just after seltzer, or a bit of bubbly in plain ol’ water. Then there are those like the Aarke’s Carbonator Pro (Aarke, an American/Swedish hybrid company, is the pride of up-and-coming bubble nerd culture) that allow everyone to feel special by using a glass bottle. But if you want to turn sodas, beverages and juices of all persuasions into something sparkling and delicious, while not having to resort to a big canister or an industrial-looking rig that screams ‘I’m a chemist/dad, leave me alone’, or having to tap off fizzy water through a hose into a bucket, then the InFizz Fusion is your only choice.

Understanding Fusion: The Heart of Carbonation

The Essence of Effervescence

At the most basic level, the fusion in this ‘Breville InFizz review’ points to the combining of ingredients into something new – which means it’s a pretty good metaphor for the action of adding CO2 to a menagerie of liquids so as to create effervescing encounters. Fusion is change and innovation, of course, and so too is the InFizz Fusion, which refigures the limits of homemade carbonation.

In conclusion, I hope you feel, as I do, that this discussion of the Breville InFizz Fusion, the ‘bubble master’, is not about an appliance, and that the fizzing world of the glass is not an illusory fantasy on the part of its creators. At its most basic, the fizzing beverage is an aesthetic product full of an allure that depends upon a certain pleasure of ‘instant’ creation. This fact, in turn, is a result of the InFizz Fusion’s aesthetic elegance, combined with a remarkable degree of technical versatility and, of course, a good deal of fun. And while the InFizz Fusion does provide us with drink, it does so with a difference: it provides us, rather, with ‘to-drink’. Whether as part of an everyday routine, a morning sipping of coffee, or a chilled-out summer refreshment, the InFizz Fusion invites us to imagine the world of the glass from scratch, one bubble at a time.

Jun 06, 2024
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