Elevate Your Career with LinkedIn Premium: Leveraging AI for the Ultimate Job Search Experience

Navigating the job market these days can feel like a maze. Finding the right job or the next big career opportunity can feel like running a critical race. But now there’s a secret weapon to help professionals boldly chart their path: LinkedIn Premium. With new AI-augmentations, LinkedIn Premium is transforming how professionals find jobs, refine their application materials, and continuously learn and grow their careers.

Harnessing AI for a Tailored Job Search

No more hours spent looking at job descriptions, trying to assess your skills, salary preferences and location matches against a myriad of open positions. But instead of just curating your results – what LinkedIn has been doing for ages – the company is using conversational AI with Premium subscribers. Just type, ‘Remote marketing job in Detroit that pays $110,000 and up’ and an AI will generate a list of matches. This is the ultimate ‘job search bot’. The incredible thing is that the AI is assessing your skills, comparing salary, and line-matching relevant job positions just as quickly and efficiently as you would – except it can do it 24/7, and precisely.

Crafting the Perfect Application

Once you find a role that you’re interested in applying for, actually writing up a great resume and a persuasive cover letter can be really difficult. LinkedIn Premium helps with this step by telling you right away how good your application materials are. The service can suggest how to tailor your resume and cover letter to the specific job you’re applying for, and it can automatically generate cover letter suggestions for you. You can review these and tweak them however you see fit.

Upskilling with LinkedIn Learning

With the market for jobs fierce, upskilling is not optional – it is important. LinkedIn Premium subscribers are allowed access to more features of LinkedIn Learning, from AI-powered coaching during courses, where you are provided with real-time insights about your learning, to conversational learning with an AI chatbot from a conversation trained by experts, to make your experience more immersive and enriching.

Actionable Insights for Content Creators

For a professional looking to cultivate a personal brand or share their expertise in a post, article or newsletter, LinkedIn Premium unlocks valuable insights about the content’s performance, so users can adjust future posts to better gear their contributions to their goals, all with the potential of amplifying engagement and exposure among their network.

Enhancements for Businesses

But the benefits of AI – including the use of Microsoft Designer – are being trickled down to businesses in the shape of LinkedIn Premium. In addition to the benefits for individuals, Premium also offers the use of tools such), and Recruiter 2024, which is supposed to help firms build ‘high-quality agile talent pipelines’. Besides the impact on individuals, small businesses are targeted by Premium Company Pages, ‘designed to help small businesses stand out and amplify relationships’.

How to Get Started with LinkedIn Premium?

For those interested in tapping into LinkedIn Premium’s shedding load of benefits but deterred by the subscription price, the good news is: you can sign up for a one-month free trial to test out these features before you buy.

Understanding MICROSOFT and Its Role in Empowering LinkedIn

Before we delve deeper into the integration of Microsoft and LinkedIn, we should appreciate what benefits these two powerhouses got from this collaborative spirit. Microsoft (formerly Microsoft Corporation) is an international provider of software, services, devices, and solutions. Microsoft purchased LinkedIn in 2016 with the mission to connect the world’s professionals and make them more productive and successful, and its acquisition of LinkedIn has only expanded its reach and accelerated its mission. LinkedIn Premium, as an example, is enriched with AI-powered tools and features powered by Microsoft’s AI. Thanks to Microsoft’s innovative and effective AI technology, it is now possible for professionals worldwide to search for better career advancements or job opportunities.

Join LinkedIn Premium to take your career to the next level, use AI to improve your job search, and keep learning for career success. Available only from LinkedIn and Microsoft.

Jun 14, 2024
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