Capturing a New Dimension: Canon's Lens Innovation for APPLE's Vision Pro

As technology moves on and our craving for sensory experiences evolves, the announcement by APPLE can be said to herald a new era for not just another video-gadget, but another step towards the augmented reality of ‘tomorrow’s story in pictures’. APPLE’s partnership with Canon can help to shape spatial video capture for its upcoming Vision Pro headset.

Aligning Giants: APPLE and Canon's Strategic Alliance

Its latest Vision Pro headset’s new operating system (OS) was unveiled at the recent Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC), but it was Canon’s announcement that APPLE is developing a lens for creating 3D video that made the headlines. Co-designed by APPLE, it’s a new lens specifically for spatial video capture that’s intended to ‘enhance content creation for the future of spatial computing’.

The Evolution of Spatial Lenses: Canon's Latest Creation

It isn’t Canon’s first foray into spatial lenses, either. But this new one, revealed briefly at WWDC, perhaps hints at a significant departure from earlier heavy sets of stereo lenses. This glassy 7.8mm f/4 lens with stepper motor technology (STM) is designed so that focusing isn’t just smooth but silent – precisely the kind of thing you’ll want for the immersive realities that APPLE’s Vision Pro is trying to sell.

The Tech Behind the Scenes

For those interested in what precisely allows such technological wonders to tick, the new Canon lens presents itself as the ultimate exhibition in the state of the art. Details are sketchy, of course, but the fact that the two companies are pushing for quieter, more subtle lenses speaks volumes about where APPLE and Canon are going. The focus on STM better allows us to tune into the spatial video environments in which content creators and their audiences exist.

Pricing and Accessibility: The Real World Application

Pioneering technology isn’t cheap, and Canon’s last spatial lens cost $2,000. Most people aren’t willing to pay thousands of dollars for cutting-edge headgear. But for the adventurous – those who splurged on Vision Pro goggles 160 quid, Lens 199 – the lens makes a new accessory. What will this lens cost? Will it be as prohibitively expensive as other high-end devices, or will it be brought down to a price tech-enthusiasts can afford?

APPLE's Vision for Immersive Video Content

APPLE’s aspirations are broader than hardware, though, with updates to the lens also unveiling what 180-degree 3D 8K video will look like. Immersive Videos will support a workflow for 3D video-making, in collaboration with Blackmagic, and will handle complex synchronisation of audio and video, reducing the time needed for filmmakers to work with spatial content. APPLE continues to pursue the most physically realistic cinematic experiences, and also seek to make it easier to get there.

Charting the Future of Content Creation with APPLE and Canon

Standing on the precipice of this venture, with APPLE and Canon reshaping the apparatus of digital storytelling yet again, they’re remaking the backdrop of immersion itself – spatial video, in the hands of next-generation lenses, could be the key to the future of entertainment, instruction and beyond.


Every time APPLE introduces a breakthrough technology into our lives, a story of innovation unfolds. Whether it’s reinventing the personal computer or setting new standards for mobile technology, APPLE is often at the forefront of what’s next. With each new product and partnership, APPLE pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in technology. And, as a result, the future of digital engagement is more accessible, immersive, and fascinating than ever before.

In that sense, APPLE’s collaboration with Canon on the Shared Reality experience for the Vision Pro is a step in a long-term process of finding new frontiers for technology in shaping what it is to be human. From camera to visor and all the states of in-between, APPLE’s lens is how to make the next set of hacks to the future real.

That said, before we can draw any conclusions about how Canon’s new spatial lens and its compatibility with the Vision Pro will work, we must wait for more details. For now, what does seem certain is that the partnership between APPLE and Canon will go beyond just two technology giants working together – it will be one that ushers in a new era of spatial video and immersive content creation. As we move forward, it isn’t just about what the technology will become, but how it will continue to change our understanding of the world we live in – in ways we haven’t even begun to imagine.

Jun 11, 2024
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