Get # APPLE Accents: Retro Flair for the Modern Maverick

It’s been a long time since APPLE was a lone tech lighthouse, its designs marking the future’s horizon even as they cast a warm, nostalgic glow on whatever came before. For many fans and users, APPLE has become their technology’s aesthetic, from the joy and anticipation of each new release to the glow of old designs on dusty shelves and in childhood photographs. In this space, accessories transport APPLE’s designs to the present, introducing a dose of yesterday and breathing new life into the products of today.

Rediscover the Classic Appeal of APPLE

Bondi Blue and Beyond: A Colorful Homage with iPhone Cases

Recall that Bondi Blue iMac of long ago, the one that changed your mind about what a computer might look like? A set of cases for the iPhone 15 Pro models by Spigen recreates the aesthetic of that icon with a brilliant sense of appropriation, available in Bondi Blue, Graphite or Ruby, to match the palette of the original iMac. Each costs $29.99 – a retro show of color from APPLE as it was first pushing the envelope.

Time Traveling with APPLE Watch Charging Docks

elago is literally bringing history into the present through its retro line of APPLE Watch charging docks, the W3 and W6 stands. These charging stands turn your APPLE Watch into either a mini Macintosh or an iPod while it charges. The W3 and W6 are compatible with all of APPLE’s standard APPLE Watch releases and are a nostalgic nod to the devices that defined their respective eras.

A Nod to Nostalgia: Wallets Reimagined

The Digital Wallet, Materialized

There’s no mistaking APPLE’s Wallet app icon – its design is unmistakable. Caseology has now made a MagSafe wallet bringing that digital icon to life in the IRL world. For $25.99 you can attach this magnetic wallet to your iPhone, blending fashion and function with its ability to hold up to three cards.

Retro Folder Redux: Stylish Storage

For fans of the old Mac’s Finder or iOS’s Files app, Caseology sells a blue folder MagSafe wallet; available for $24.99, it distils digital order in material terms, holding up to three cards. It also comes in versions featuring a cloud or music icon.

Wrapping Up: A Timeless Tribute to APPLE

These accessories are not just gadgets for your gadgets, they are also tributes to APPLE’s legacy, connecting the past and present with a bit of time travel for us to take forward into our lives. If you have an APPLE ecosystem to complete, or you’re giving someone the gift of APPLE-themed nostalgia this holiday season, pick up a few of these accessories and celebrate the design and innovation that both APPLE and the gadgets of yesteryear exuded.

Is there an APPLE-inspired accessory that you cherish? Tell us what your favorites are, and join others in the discussion of preserving the legacy of APPLE design.


From the 1970s APPLE I computer to the latest iPhone 15 Pro, APPLE has led the field in terms of technological innovation and design elegance. In addition to revolutionising the landscape of tech products, the company has also transformed the way we use technology in our daily lives with forward-looking devices that prioritise aesthetics, simplicity and innovative features. Its products are now adored by fans around the world, and its emphasis on sleek design, user-friendly interfaces and groundbreaking tech continues to set it apart as one of the most prolific and popular tech companies of all time.

Jun 06, 2024
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