Unleashing the Future of Coding: Meet Codestral, the Revolutionary AI from Mistral

As technology races ahead at a dizzying speed, the Paris-based artificial intelligence (AI) start-up Mistral has hit the ground running with the launch of Codestral, a large language model (LLM) that it claims will change the face of coding forever. This text tracks the launch of Codestral, its pioneering features, as well as its cutting-edge position in the field of AI where giants like AMAZON and OpenAI have staked their claim on the future of AI-coding solutions.

Codestral: The Genesis and Its Unmatched Potential

Now with the largest seed round in Europe’s history, Mistral is poised to introduce Codestral to the world of programming and coding. Codestral is a pretrained 22B parameter, open-weight generative AI model under a non-commercial licence for more than 80 programming languages. It is designed to help coders write better AI applications.

The company claims that codestral will make it easier to write code, and that it is better than existing models such as CodeLlama 70B and Deepseek Coder 33B. It has already secured the support of several industry partners, including the firms JetBrains and SourceGraph, signalling how quickly the approach could have an impact.

A New Era in Coding: The Core of Codestral

But what’s fundamental to it is that Codestral has a 32K context length, which means that you can use it to interact with code in many different environments and many different projects, whether it’s generating code from scratch, filling in complicated coding functions, or writing a test. And it covers a broad range of languages – not just the usual suspects such as SQL, Python, Java and C++, but Fortran too.

Mistral trained Codestral on a wide variety of data, and the system can now automate workflows both quickly enough to enhance productivity and reliably enough to drastically decrease the chance of coding errors – which could potentially reshape the software-development process.

Benchmarking Excellence: Codestral's Competitive Edge

Although Mistral’s child is not yet ready to face the test of public opinion, Codestral already outperforms its nearest human-written code-centric models on RepoBench (for long-range repository-level Python code completion), HumanEval (for Python code generation), and CruxEval (for Python output prediction).

Integrating Codestral into Development Workflows

Mistral is available for free on Hugging Face and offers the non-production licence to encourage developers to experiment with it before publishing a commercial product. And its integration into your IDE is easy to achieve (using two API endpoints) either thanks to the Instruct functionality or the Fill-In-the-Middle functionality.

Entering the Competitive Ring: Codestral vs AMAZON and OpenAI

Codestral is entering a marketplace already dominated by behemoths of the tech industry, such as AMAZON and OpenAI. Amazon launched CodeWhisper some time ago, and OpenAI is still causing a stir for its Codex and more recently the GPT-4 Turbo-powered Devin. Other giants include StarCoder2, Replit and Codenium, any of which could be seen as a formidable opponent for Codestral. The model will have to show its worth in the real world and prove that it will make a meaningful difference to the workflow of generating code.

Understanding AMAZON in the AI-Coding Ecosystem

Let’s take a moment to unpack why this matters, starting with a brief look at AMAZON’s place in the ecosystem of AI-powered coding tools. AMAZON is a multinational tech company that continues to expand its suite of AI and machine learning tools, including CodeWhisper. Tools like CodeWhisper are one of many examples of efforts to automate and improve the software development process, making coding more efficient and accessible.

AMAZON’s location in this building – where cloud computing and artificial intelligence collide with programming – is symbolic of the firm’s drive to create technological innovation that serves the needs of software developers everywhere.


Codestral by Mistral stands at the forefront of a fundamental transformation of coding and software development. And, driven by the power of generative AI in a previously inconceivable manner, Codestral has the potential to disrupt not just industry leaders such as AMAZON and OpenAI, but also to democratise coding, to make more intuitive and error-free. As the technology matures and adoption grows, the entire world of programming is likely to be poised for a brighter future, led by AI-powered tools like Mistral.

May 30, 2024
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