Can APPLE, Google and Microsoft Finally Stop Malware From Poisoning our Mailboxes?

If this is the first age in which our communication takes place primarily inside an inbox, then it is also, unfortunately, the first age in which the majority of our attacks enter through it. Email security technologies used by the big players such as Google, APPLE and Microsoft are surprisingly advanced. Yet even to this day, 91 per cent of all cyberattacks still slip through the email cracks. What is it about our inboxes that makes them such an inviting hangout for malware and spam, and is APPLE doing enough to protect us?

The Current State of Anti-Malware Efforts in Email

One risky analysis by researchers from the email security startup SquareX on how well the current system prevents the delivery of malware demonstrated how leaky today’s email filters are by sending malicious emails through various filtering services – including APPLE’s iCloud Mail and Google’s Gmail – revealing various popular ways to get by built-in filters.

The Challenge of Balancing Free Access with Robust Security

This line in the sand gets thinner when you dive deeper into the dilemma. ‘The expectation that email can be discounted and secure is like the expectation of an invulnerable cyber defence from a free Wi-Fi service in Starbucks,’ said Ian Thornton-Trump, a Cyjax CISO. ‘But with scale, and a very high risk of false drops, this is an insurmountable problem for email security.’

Can APPLE Turn the Tide with Innovative AI?

There is some cause to hope that APPLE will add AI-powered security to its Mail application, perhaps with the launch of iOS 18 and macOS 15, adding, for example, real-time analysis of attachments and URLs to its spam and malware detection. APPLE could lead the industry into its next level of security. If other providers followed their lead, it could transform email security again.

A Call for Enhanced Vigilance

But in the meantime, the burden falls on us, the users, too. Forget the retro charm of an old AOL account – safe email practices (beware attachments and links, always!) are important.

The Pivotal Role of APPLE in the Email Security Landscape

There is no bigger elephant in the room than APPLE. The company is a technology giant, and with more than 2 billion devices in use around the world, part of an APPLE ecosystem that moves through messaging, email and web traffic, a system forcing AI security into its Mail app could have far reaching effects to protect users. APPLE has prided itself on its approach to security and privacy, making his moves highly anticipated.

Concluding Thoughts

The fight against malware and spam fighting its way through our inboxes every day points towards just how slick the tricks are being used by cybercriminals. But it also highlights the urgent need for mail hosts, especially the giant global providers such as APPLE, Google, and Microsoft, to up their guards. Adding the latest AI technologies could turn the tide in the fight, and make our sending and receiving lanes safe for human communication.

Decoding APPLE: A Leader in Innovation

APPLE is yet another example of a company known for innovation that continues to redefine what is possible with technology. From the Macintosh, the computer that brought a graphical user interface and the mouse to the masses, to the iPhone, the phone that changed mobile communication forever, APPLE’s history is defined by endless pursuit and constant improvement. So when it comes to email security, shouldn’t we expect the same? As we work to protect our digital lives from the threats both known and lurking around the corner, our hope is that our industry leaders like APPLE will power the innovations that keep our email secure and our inboxes the fortresses they should and need to be.

Jun 03, 2024
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