Get # Unveiling the Future of Survival Gaming: Decimated, a New Dawn in OPEN-WORLD Exploration

Another behemoth has entered the ever-shifting stage of the video games industry. And its name is Decimated. That might not mean much for the discerning survival gamer in this age of open-world RPGs – the gaming boom, for better or for worse there is a new tide sweeping through the gaming landscape. Decimated wants to storm that wave, but it is no mere outlier. It is, if you can call it a thing, an evolution. A mix of dystopian sci-fi aesthetics and survival heart-pounding meets open-world encroachment, and it wants to steal your focus for as long as possible. This is an experimental escapade from the creators of Failbetter Games, a studio that churns out progressive, relatively surreal (and yes, sometimes erotic) RPGs right out of Britain.

Enter the World of Decimated: An OPEN-WORLD Odyssey

Decimated plunges the player into a cyberpunk apocalypse like no other, powered by Unreal Engine 5 to create an open, persistent, player-driven universe in which every action and decision shapes the world around you. It’s a world of danger, of faction, and, above all, of survival.

The Unique Appeal of Decimated: A Blend of Strategy and Freedom

If the tactical depth of Escape from Tarkov was mixed with the restraint-free sandbox experience of DayZ, this is where Decimated would be. It’s a game at that crossroads, and it’s an experience where combat is rewarding while being a lawman with incredible parkour skills, or a scavenger without much care for society, could be just as fun and rewarding.

The Living, Breathing World of Decimated

The open world in Decimated, with its sprawling topography and nonlinear quest design, is not just a map to be explored; it’s a full-blown protagonist. A landscape where player actions reverberate throughout the ecosystem, triggering cause-and-effect reactions among factions and shaping the future of the game’s storyline. Ultimately, every corner of the post-apocalyptic world reacts and evolves with respect to the actions of its players.

Early Access: A Preview of Revolution

With Decimated, the early access period is more than a work-in-progress beta; it’s prologue. While the core mechanics are being stress-tested, players are encouraged to fall in love with combat, get to know the world, and begin establishing their identity and contributing to a living, breathing online open-world. This means participating in decisions about the future of the game, collaborating within a community of players and developers engaged in a feedback loop to grow the world of Decimated.

The Road Ahead: A Vision for Growth

The feature list of Decimated’s roadmap glistens: deep player class progression that makes roles populate, vibrant cyberpunky NPCs, and player-versus-player-versus-environment (PvPvE) that grants ‘more complexity and intrigue to the campaign’s narrative construction’ because ‘AI enemies and human players interact in dynamic, unpredictable ways’.

A Call to Arms: Community and Creation

Decimated’s beating heart is its community – a lively cluster of players, designers and dreamers. On Discord and the like, players can submit suggestions, content and feedback, seeing a game come into being from concept to delivery. Here is the biggest game-changer: a survival game that lives and grows within its players, who adapt and evolve the game, helping it to evolve through the communal creativity of that community.

Decimated: More Than a Game, It's a Movement

Decimated isn’t just a game, it represents the future of survival games. It invites you to venture through barren beauty and madness to make sense of what once seemed senseless, to bring order to anarchy, and to find new allies to stand alongside you. The open-world setting, player-driven storytelling, and community-driven development make it clear that Decimated represents the future for all gamers: a cry to action for the survivors, the architects and the explorers who want more than just a game – they crave a quality experience that dares to blur the distinction between what is real and the limitless realm of imagination.

*Editor’s note: Decimated is an example of the changing landscape of video games where players become creators, and open the door to a world with infinite potential.

About OPEN

This idea of ‘open’ lies at the core of Decimated and gaming as we know it today. It’s an invitation to play in worlds where the gameplay is unburdened by a fixed narrative; where you’re not limited to a few rooms or objective markers on a map. It’s about pushing into deep worlds that you can change, where you can make something of yourself and interact with the world around you. ‘Open’ in open-world gaming is the foundation on which Decimated is built. It’s about having a space that is equal parts expansive and detailed, both alive and dynamic. This foundational principle of exploration and the narrative you create as a player is what makes games like Decimated so different, and beyond games, so central to a new kind of experience within the digital universe.

May 29, 2024
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