Embark on a Westerosi Adventure with Zynga's Latest Mobile Marvel: Game of Thrones: Legends

Get ready for your mobile gaming and fantasy series worlds to finally blend, with the upcoming launch on 25 July of Zynga’s Game of Thrones: Legends. Described as ‘a role-playing puzzle adventure set in Westeros’, the new app is less a game and more of a way for you to, with the help of your mobile device, step foot into the Seven Kingdoms and test out your strategic, lore, and puzzle-solving capabilities.

GOOGLE Your Way into Westeros

Feeding off the muscle of the App Store and Google Play, Zynga has opened gates for pre-registrations, promising a rewarding experience for fans who quickly respond with in-game perks and a special in-game bonus for completing Chapter 1 during the first week of launch.

Crafting Your Legacy in the Game of Thrones Universe

Inspired by the award-winning Game of Thrones and the prequel series House of the Dragon, Game of Thrones: Legends puts players at the heart of the lore from both record-breaking HBO series. The game is the title sponsor for the first two seasons of the new prequel series House of the Dragon on Max, bringing in content and characters from both series to enrich the experience for players.

Assemble Your Champions and Conquer

Rule your own house in Westeros, sword and mind both trained. The game demands that players find the best crew of fighters, outfit them with the right equipment and then do battle with some of the most fearsome opponents in the Game of Thrones world. From Jon Snow to Arya Stark, there’s a crew to be had.

Dive into Strategic Puzzle Battles

For those who think blending RPG and RTS strategic choices with match-3 puzzle-gameplay sounds like an interesting challenge, and who want to think about the strategically optimal champion pairings and the best use of lore synergy bonuses while executing wreak-’em combos on unsuspecting players – and who also happen to have binge-watched Game of Thrones several times – Game of Thrones: Legends could be your very first mobile game.

Experience the Depth of Westeros Like Never Before

‘This is shaping up to be an astonishing project,’ says Yaron Leyvand, EVP of mobile games at Zynga, pointing to the game’s twin themes: ‘We are challenging players to use and test their strategic skill while, at the same time, delivering a new story and an immersive narrative that lets fans interact with the greatest icons of the Game of Thrones universe every day.’ With a wide variety of characters, from heroic personalities like Jon Snow to epic events and iconic locations from the Houses of the Targaryens at Dragonstone to the Starks at Winterfell, Game of Thrones: Legends will be a strategy game that captivates your attention as well as your masterful thumbs.

GOOGLE PLAY: Your Gateway to Epic Battles

And they can sign up to pre-register on Google Play or the App Store not only to receive the game on its launch day, but also to unlock an exclusive in-game bundle featuring the Epic Champion Robert Baratheon. This is just one more step that Zynga is taking to ensure that Game of Thrones: Legends is a well-rounded experience for players throughout the world, whether novices or experts.

Venturing Through Westeros

It assures us that we’re in for a tactical epic, playing across Westeros and completing tasks along the way: Seeking glory and fighting for the Iron Throne as some of your favourite characters from the realm of Westeros: Jon Snow, Rhaenyra Targaryen and more! Each character comes with their own distinct abilities along with lore-inspired synergies.

GOOGLE and the Art of Winning

With pre-registration and early access launched on Google Play, the company Zynga is also using one of the planet’s largest platforms to ensure players don’t miss this escape. The fact that Google is a key launch partner shows how important this tech titan has become to modern games ecosystems – providing a place for gamers to reliably and easily discover new games.

Conclusion: The Game Begins on July 25

If the players are waiting for an epic Game of Thrones conclusion, Game of Thrones: Legends is an RPG puzzle universe for their waiting mobile gadgets. Whether you’re hatching a strategy involving territories on a map or a match-3 battle, this game gives you the most addictive brain teasers of mobile gaming, either for Game of Thrones fans or for newcomers.


Key to the launch and pre-registration campaign for Game of Thrones: Legends is Google. Bringing hundreds of millions of users to Android, Google Play hosts more than 1 million apps, games,books, and more. The digital entertainment and utility destination is an integral part of the app distribution pipeline, and it makes the download and purchase process for a game such as a Game of Thrones: Legends or other title streamlined for the user and widely available for the developer. The HBO tie-in for this mobile app is just one of myriad storytelling-inspired games created in partnership with Google Play.

Jun 11, 2024
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