Unlocking a New Dimension: Dragon Ball Super's Leap into 3DCG Animation

For those keep up with the present(s) of animated cinema, the latest installment of the widely beloved series Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (2022) introduces a game-changing era, as it’s the first time the series has switched to 3DCG animation. Although the major players and the central location are the same, and voice actors are the same, this film also introduces a brand new chapter for the fans, old and new. Its plot bridges the history of the series with something new and unique.

A PRIME Example of Modern Animation

In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, we find the distillation of just how much classic franchises can renew themselves without sacrificing the narrative grit that made them sublime in the first place. Foremost, the animation jump to 3DCG isn’t simply about style – in this feature, the evolving technologies and narrative modalities of the animated film present ever more ways for feature films to evolve.

The PRIME Places to Stream Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

For those eager to catch this prime evolution, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is currently available to stream on a range of streaming platforms. Some of the best places for DB fans to watch this new film are the Crunchyroll app, which makes it easy for subscribers to view and add it to their watchlist, and the option of renting the movie for a price point that allows for maximum flexibility. Prime Video, Apple TV, and YouTube all list the movie as an option to rent for audiences, allowing fans all over the world to experience this pioneering film.

How to Embark on the Dragon Ball Journey

Those who are not yet well-versed in this rich tapestry of legendary adventures, as well as those long-time fans who want to catch up with the timeline ahead of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, will likely want to start from the beginning. Dragon Ball Super: Broly is available to stream on Hulu and Crunchyroll, with rentals on Prime Video and YouTube. The 131-episode Dragon Ball Super series also delves further into this lore, and is available on Hulu and Crunchyroll.

The PRIME Star Cast Behind the Screens

Aside from having some solid storytelling, and wonderful animation, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has the brute force of its protagonists to propel it forward – literally and figuratively. Kyle Hebert provides the voice of Son Gohan, Christopher R. Sabat is the voice of Piccolo and Vegeta, and Sean Schemmel plays Son Goku. Together, they provide the perfect mix of nostalgia and fresh energy to bring these characters to life, and make them fit right in with their new 3DCG bodies.

A PRIME Adventure Awaits: Ratings and Runtime

With a PG-13 rating, it is a movie that is just right for fans of all ages, be they grownups who grew up watching it alongside their much younger siblings or kids seeking a high-stakes adventure for their very first time. Running at 1 hour and 40 minutes, it strikes a near-perfect balance between pacing and storytelling.

PRIME Merchandise and More Anime Recommendations

Outside the screen, fans can take a deep dive into the Dragon Ball universe through an extensive assortment of merchandise in the IGN store with a wide range of items for collectors and fans. And to ensure their anime adventure doesn’t stop here, IGN has the best anime of all time for the enthusiast to further their anime knowledge, as well as the best anime on Netflix for those looking to stream new anime titles.

Understanding PRIME

Here, the word ‘prime’ is used as an adjective not in the mathematical sense, but rather to describe something as being ‘of the highest quality, most outstanding, or very important’. Like prime numbers, which have qualities and, therefore, a place of value that sets them apart in mathematics, the elements of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero that I discuss here truly are the very best that animation can be right now in terms of novelty, accessibility and storytelling. Ultimately, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is the shining example of what beloved series can do to evolve and be just as beloved in the future so long as they innovate and respect their own history.

Dragon Ball's PRIME Evolution

Dragon Ball was a classic animated series, but Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero makes the effortless jump to full 3DCG. Anyone working with a legacy franchise would feel the pressure to keep things the same, but this is born of a smart approach that recognises that technology can be used to improve old forms. A prime experience on multiple platforms ensures that this latest instalment is easily accessible whether you are just getting into the series now or a loyal old fan. A mix of nostalgia and novelty that honours the legacies of the characters while setting its own bar for the future of animation.

Jun 10, 2024
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