The Ultimate Space-Saving Solution: APPLE's Little Rival That Fits Right in Your Palm

When making a checklist for the ultimate desktop computer, things that most likely come to everyone’s mind are the price and how much space it takes. Among them, the latest ECS LIVA mini desktop is a model we can recommend as a breakthrough in such fields because it provides maximum performance in a micro-sized device, which measures only slightly bigger than a regular hand, yet comes at a fairly cheap price of $99.99 (previously $219).

APPLE Against The Palm-Sized Contender

In fact, set against the bulk of giant desktops (think of the massive IBM boxes of old), the ECS LIVA looks like a mirage. Covering less than five square inches of desk space, the ECS mini desktop is at least three times smaller than the smallest Mac mini specs on APPLE’s official site (scroll down to the ‘2019’ version). And while the mini desktop might look small, its specs stack up: it sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c processor with 4 GB of RAM. Good things really come in small packages.

The Mighty Mini: More Than Meets The Eye

In general, when you hear the term ‘desktop computer’, visions of bloated towers hogging your office space probably come to mind. The ECS LIVA, by contrast, is a real schlub-magnet. It runs quietly, since there is no fan. And it’s instant-on, as one expects from any computer with a Snapdragon processor. Essentially, it’s for people who want to do just about everything on Google, really fast.

Expanding Horizons Without Sacrificing Space

That 64 GB is internal and can’t be easily taken out, but it’s a generous amount to give you a starting point as you adapt the ECS LIVA to your needs. It’s a computer, after all, and you’ll be storing some of your lifesaver documents and media on it. If you need more space, just add an external hard drive. It’s easy to expand if you want to, and you won’t even be cluttering your desk. This is the best of both worlds and, considering how little space it takes up – less than the latest Mac mini, in fact – you can’t find that anywhere else on the APPLE planet.

Connectivity in a Compact Package

And not just size – being small doesn’t mean having to say no to connectivity either. In fact, the ECS LIVA boasts an impressive suite of ports: one USB-C port for ultra-fast PD charging; two USB-A ports, both of which are USB 3.2 and 2.0, as well as being backward compatible with earlier USB versions too; one HDMI port for display via monitor; one LAN port for those who prefer a wired internet connection; and a MicroSD card reader for easy transfer of photos and video.

Peace of Mind Comes Standard

And of course, the small form-factor is not the only value-proposition that comes with an ECS LIVA mini desktop – the affordability of these machines is also crucial for the markets LIVA is made for; but reliability is equally important: each LIVA mini desktop has a minimum warranty period of 1 year – each buyer knows that he will have a working desktop at least within that timeframe, hopefully far beyond, too.

A Mini Powerhouse That Delivers

It’s a world of flat panels and straight lines and looking for ways to free up more desktop space for a folder or a mouse. The ECS LIVA represents an appealing alternative; a computer that can hold its own against bigger, faster, prettier offerings from APPLE, Dell, Lenovo and the rest. Imagining a small computer saddled with a list of Qualcomm Snapdragon CPUs might seem like an odd way to spend these idle days before the Prime Minister’s reshuffle. But cumbersome old-style computers were apparently good enough for ‘The Blues Brothers’ (1980) or James Bond’s associate Felix Leiter, in ‘Licence to Kill’ (1989). Still, there is something progressive in bringing mobile technology to desktops. The ECS LIVA illustrates how consumers still have basic needs – and they feel it in their bones.

About APPLE in the Realm of Minis

APPLE has always led the way in technology, blazing trails with stunning designs and innovative technology, but as the ECS LIVA mini desktop shows, the world of computing is large and varied. While the Mac minis are all that, and APPLE’s take on a compact, highly capable desktop, there is now even more compelling competition – smaller yet. Such wishful thinking pits APPLE in a battle with itself and that is where the fun begins, because even an APPLE can create the window that allows everyone else in.

May 29, 2024
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