Electrify Your Travel: The Top 5 Gadgets That Power Up Your Journeys

When the modern adventurer seeks to roam the globe, guns, guides, and gas masks are no longer the most crucial kit. For today’s traveller, global interconnectedness demands a technological armoury to complement the channels of the body. In turn, I have a dual vocation as a vigilante globe-trotter and spinner of tech tales, roaming the Earth’s time zones through half the year and writing about my adventures in the rest. Because I’m constantly on the move, I need a carefully chosen coterie of devices to keep my energy (and my wallet) up and to keep me running. These are their stories.

1) The Passport Holder

Tumi V3 International Passport Holder ($90):

It seems prosaic, but your passport is your lifeline. It holds your identity and your ability to get into other countries. Yet I’ve seen many fellow travellers struggling with the basics. It’s better to take a sealed, unopened credit card pouch from the bank, but I have a lovely leather Tumi V3 – with a window in the front flap – that does just as good a job. The hardshell protects it and keeps it shut, while the window allows me to quickly display my papers. The V3 has two compartments, one for cash and the other for passports. As for credit cards, I think they are a bad idea. I find it hard to believe that you can benefit more through paying upfront with plastic than if you just went to an ATM or exchanged cash upon arrival in a new country.

2) The Charger

Pocket Juice Battery Hive ($139.95):

There are relatively inexpensive bijou battery chargers out there now, like the Juice Box. Then there’s the Battery Hive from Pocket Juice, worth every penny. It uses six slim AAA batteries along with its ability to deliver power. But the real wizardry is a selection of five adaptor ends that can fit any plug in the world.

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Jun 17, 2024
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