Painting the World in Shades of RED: Mastering the Art of Connection

In a world filled with constant distractions and a lot of noise, being able to master the NYT Connections puzzle daily brings to mind the line from the show Mad Men: ‘I wish there was a word in the English language for what’s happening.’ A great example of the power of Connections is the NYT Connections puzzle of 17 June 2024. Read the day’s puzzle in diagram form, and it can feel like a giant puzzle of mismatched pieces with a hint of chaos. It’s a classic instance of ‘making order out of things’. Read the clues and answers below, and we’ll examine the strategies and thinking that can help make each puzzle a little easier, and perhaps even a source of enjoyment and pride.

Unraveling the Puzzle: Deciphering the Clues

At the heart of every Connections puzzle is the need to place 16 words that appear to have little in common into four groups of meaning. The puzzle opens up a perceptual horizon that is simple to describe and yet complex to navigate. The solver must, like the common thread of logic introduced in the definition above, weave their way through the words. Here’s the paragraph that introduced the Monday, June 17, puzzle: The category palette of this puzzle is as colourful as a rainbow, but we’ll stick with the colourful and ubiquitous shade of red.

The Palette of Categories:

  • Yellow: The Call to Action
  • Green: A Touch of Beauty
  • Blue: Escaping the Maze
  • Purple: Degrees of Understanding

The Spectrum of Solutions:

  • Yellow: Actions of Transit
  • Green: Variants of Lip Aesthetics
  • Blue: Navigating Challenges
  • Purple: Dimension of Degrees

The RED Herrings: A Deeper Dive

Hidden within the puzzle were the notorious red herrings, linguistic bait to mislead and misdirect. Items such as ‘ship’ and ‘liner’ seemed, on the face of it, clear and definitive, but it was only after being drawn off course that the solver was left to flounder in the foaming midwater sea. Nevertheless, the red herrings were not there to confound, but to edify; deepening immersion in the puzzle.

Strategies for Success: Painting Your Masterpiece

The shuffle, like all these strategies, is not just a way to find a pattern, but an act of revelation: a way for the mental muscles to help us see connections we wouldn’t have spotted otherwise.

Embracing the Palette:

  • Shuffle and shuffle again, and maybe the canvas of your mind will start to show the invisible brushstrokes.
  • Look not only for what’s the same, but for what’s different. In difference lies the true patterns.
  • Be patient, remark not too soon, Each puzzle’s a tale a clue will unfold.
  • Notice the thematic echoes; like threads of crimson running through the puzzle-piece tapestry, they are clues as to where to go next, so that when we do land upon the resolution, it will be all the more satisfying.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the one who has created the problem, for an insight into their perspective is the shortest route to a solution.

BEYOND the Puzzle: A World of RED

Navigating the Connections maze is not only a matter of decoding, of logic and optimisation, however. It is also a verbal dance, a trick of light and shade, and, primarily, it is an ode to red. All this red. Red as blood, red as passion; red as challenge, and red as reward.

Tinged in RED: The Art of Connection

As I’m hoping you realise by now after our long journey together, the Connections puzzle – especially on 17 June 2024 – is not simply an intellectual exercise but an exercise in discovery: an invitation to think outside the box, to look beneath the surface of language, and, above all, to pursue the fun. In painting our world, we must learn to use the right brush, with the right colours. In solving the puzzle, we must learn to use the right mind, with the right thoughts. But most important, as we do both, we engage our whole being in the act of painting and puzzle-solving – and, in doing so, we find ourselves at the heart of joy.

Exploring the Essence of RED

Red. In life’s great web of connections, red stands not only as a colour but as a symbol of unity, romance and wisdom. Taking a cue from the NYT Connections puzzle, step forth knowing the perplexing problems of life can be solved with grace, intelligence, and a splash of red.

Jun 17, 2024
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