Elevate Play and Safety with the FITBIT ACE LTE for Kids

You don’t have to worry about cell towers or WiFi, and the device fits comfortably on the wrist of any 10-year-old, inconspicuously placed between the digits of that big and sometimes worrisome hand. That was the case with Finegan. I was more concerned about people knowing she was connected to ‘the network’ – everything else about her fitness bracelet was beneficial in promoting more activity and strengthening relationships. My objections to wearables prior to this (starting with my own belief in the importance of unplugging) stemmed from mistrust towards technology that seemed to be trying to infiltrate our minds and bodies, ‘sniffing’ information about us. But Finegan’s Fitbit worked to enhance her relationship with Maeve, and that was a good thing.

With technology becoming integrated into everyday life, the world is increasingly faced with the dilemma of how to spend enough time both in front of the screen and in movement, particularly for young ones. An attempt to tackle this issue and outrun our kids’ lifestyles is the new fitness band – the FITBIT ACE LTE from the Google-acquired tech giant Fitbit, the wearable for children aged seven years and over. Is the new FITBIT ACE LTE for kids really going to make a difference in how our kids play and move, how we communicate with them and how we keep them safe? Let’s take a closer look into the shiny new Fitbit world.

Elevating Playtime: Games Galore on FITBIT ACE LTE

With its library of interactive, 3D games designed to get kids moving, the FITBIT ACE LTE is packed with recommended activities that are sure to put kids’ imagination and tech skills to work. While typical digital distractions represent a huge distraction to kids everywhere, the games on the FITBIT ACE LTE are ensured to bring kids closer to technology – and further away from obesity. With purposes such as fishing that sync with the catch-and-pull motions we make when casting and reeling, and worlds that ask kids to race chickens in bathtubs at light speed through constellations, FITBIT ACE LTE is everything a parent – and child – could want in a wearable tech device.

Crafting Active Characters: Meet the Eejie

And as well as the games, the Fitbit comes with an interactive friend – a little digital character called the Eejie, an avatar that the child can personalise and decorate. The Eejie lives off a child’s steps, so much the better if the child’s activity helps to unlock new accessories for their Eejie’s home, and even brings the in-game character’s friends over to play. Think Tamagotchi for the Animal Crossing generation. The Fitbit will begin charging the child to get out of their chair and explore.

Ensuring Safety: FITBIT ACE LTE's Smart Features

Security comes first and foremost when it comes to kid-focused devices With 4G LTE connectivity in a FITBIT ACE LTE, you can call and message your child, while location-sharing lets you track your child’s whereabouts to ensure they’re safe. Google’s strict privacy standards – including data minimisation and no third-party access to your child’s information – further this commitment to security.

FITBIT's Health First Approach for Kids

But it is not merely a portal for digital play; it is a device designed to help users live healthier lives, albeit with the specific considerations of its younger target group in mind. Its trademark activity-tracking features, once designed with the adult consumer in mind, have been calibrated to cater to the physiological needs of younger users. From tracking physical movements with clever methods of exercise-recognition algorithms to encouraging movement by gamifying activity (promoting 60 minutes of daily activity), its design enables children to work out in ways that are aligned with personal goals.

Parental Controls and Customizations

Mindful of the need for balance, the watch also comes with a host of parental controls. These allow you to set up approved contacts; manage a child’s in-game time through School Time limits; and keep an eye on activity levels. The activity tracker can also be readily customised with collectible bands and accessories to match a child’s changing interests.

The Right Device for Your Child?

This brings us back to a central question: Does your child need a device like the FITBIT ACE LTE? As smartphones seem to be increasingly commonplace for kids of all ages, this Fitbit provides a solid alternative. It can help them experience and learn about independence in a safe way, enjoy physical activity, and engage with technology in a responsible manner – all of which are important for healthy development.

Unveiling the FITBIT Experience

Fitbit, who could forget Fitbit? Taking its reputation for smart health and fitness trackers into the kids’ activity-tracker market, the FITBIT ACE LTE, launched last year with a hot air balloon emoji on its face, is both familiar and fresh. It combines all that Fitbit knows and does, repackaged for children and driven by games. It plays to the strengths of the brand by giving kids a trusted wearable tech, while also delivering shape-driven features that kids love. It lets kids be kids, while giving parents peace of mind.

In a nutshell, the FITBIT ACE LTE is a lot more than a toy; it’s a friend to help your child lead a balanced, healthy and safe life. With its fitness and educational potential plus fun games and safety features, this is a gift into your child’s future, one that is sure to keep him or her moving, discovering and smiling – whether racing around the neighbourhood, exploring Bit Valley or simply staying in touch with a parent or friend. With the FITBIT ACE LTE, your child is on the go with a healthy heart, a happy smile and a safe shoulder to lean on.

May 30, 2024
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