Unlock Seamless Connectivity: Why Your HOME Needs the eero 6+ Mesh Router

Today, nobody can argue with the fact that a fast, stable WiFi network is an essential part of our digital life. Whether a remote freelancer calls into corporate meetings, a student takes college courses online, or a tech geek streams the latest 4K release on a Netflix binge, everything we do online depends on the quality of our home internet. Enter the eero 6+, a next-generation mesh router that can run your home like a connectivity powerhouse.

Transform Your HOME with eero 6+

Goodbye, Dead Zones

You’ve definitely known the agony of having WiFi dead zones in your home: traditional routers promise wide coverage but – too often – part or all of your home will still be left in the dark. The eero 6+ mesh router system is built to cover at least 4,500 square feet with fast, reliable WiFi firepower, which is especially helpful for larger homes, or those that have a complex layout.

Setup Has Never Been Easier

Set-up can be the most intimidating part of a home-network upgrade, and for good reason: your current configuration is working just fine. Yep, you went to the trouble of setting up your mesh router successfully, and then adding an eero to the mix can screw up your whole internet. But the setup process on the eero is so simple you’ll laugh at yourself for ever having worried. Plugging it into your existing service provider and following the user-friendly prompts in the eero app takes moments. Worst-case scenario, if something takes longer than expected, eero pauses their 30-day return period.

Mesh Technology: The Future of WiFi

Essentially, the eero 6+ is a WiFi mesh system, which is the high-tech way of covering your home with WiFi, using a series of units to essentially form one network. A mesh system takes several routers and combines them into one seamless, single network, ensuring that your device is always connected to the unit closet to you. Your shows won’t buffer, you won’t end up on video calls with a grainy image and your devices won’t struggle to stop and start in the middle of a sentence.

Why eero 6+ Stands Out in Your HOME

For that balance of performance and value as you build out your network, it’s hard to go past the eero 6+ mesh systems. As of May 13, Amazon is selling the three-pack for a hefty $60 off (bringing the price it down to an eyebrow-raising $239.99) and with its future-proofing ax banking and Zigbee smart-home hub inclusions, the eero 6+ is an outstanding piece of mesh systems kit. It’s hard to see an easy upgrade for this system.

Power Up Your HOME with eero

Once you upgrade your home to a mesh system, like the eero 6+, you’ll experience how you interact with the digital world from home. Along with reduced frustrations from dead zones, and ease of use with the eero app, your eero system adapts to the needs of your homes by connecting your devices with the lowest latency at any given time. If you have a lot of devices looping your home, are starting to build a smart home, or anything in between, the eero 6+ can provide your home with the power and flexibility needed for your digital life.

A Deeper Understanding of HOME

At the intersection of every eero system is a word that is both personal and universal: home — not a place, but the centre of a universe that you create, live in, love, share, work, play and learn in to become the best version of yourself. Cutting-edge digital life can really only live in the fully digital home. The eero 6+ mesh router is more than just a connectivity upgrade; it’s one of the most valuable enhancements to the simple but profound concept of home itself.

5 FAQs About Selling Your HOME with Gizmogo

Q: How can Gizmogo help me in selling my home?

Gizmogo won’t help you sell your home, but its services or products could be useful for setting up your home in such a way to make it more appealing if you want to update it before putting it on sale. Better WiFi, for example, could make your home more enticing to tech-happy buyers.

Q: What do I need to know before listing my home?

Knowing your home’s value, how to prep it for showings, and your market are just some of the thought processes you should be covering, as well as decisions that technology upgrades could make for you. Upgrading your home and technologies could quite literally be the difference between selling and stalling.

Q: How can I increase my home’s value?

Updating to faster internet (eg: fibre), and a robust WiFi network (eg: eero 6+ mesh) is appealing marketing. Modernise key areas, like kitchen and bathrooms, and make sure your ‘stick home’ is well-maintained.

Q: Do smart home devices increase home value?

In many cases, smart home devices will add to the value of the home, drawing in buyers looking for a modern home experience. Usually the devices most valued by prospective buyers will allow them to work more conveniently, improve the security of the home, and reduce their energy costs.

Q: How long does it take to sell a home with Gizmogo?

We don’t get into the nitty-gritty details of selling your home as Gizmogo is more of a tech company than a real-estate company, but integrating modern tech like the eero 6+ mesh router could make your home more appealing to buyers. This could ultimately shorten the time it takes to finalise your sale.

At the same time, our home has evolved into one of the main hubs of your communications network. When you decide to install an eero 6+ mesh router suite in your home, you are providing your home with the ability to meet the challenges of today’s lifestyle, thereby increasing not only your home value but your quality of life, whether you intend to sell your home in the short term or simply wish to take advantage of the full experiences you can generate in your home when you have a powerful, reliable WiFi network.

May 13, 2024
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