Elevate Your Viewing Experience: How SONY Stands Out in the 4K TV Market

In the never-ending search for the best home entertainment setup, reaching that perfect balance between affordability and the best tech can often feel like Herculean work. Walmart’s deal on the Hisense 58-inch Class 4K R6 Roku TV for $258 has certainly piqued the interest of bargain hunters, but how is Sony changing what we can expect from our screens and speakers? This is about more than savings – it’s about the art and engineering that goes into every pixel and soundwave of your favourite content, right down to the last one.

SONY's Mastery Over Visuals

High-Resolution Heaven

The hiss of a whisper in a cliffhanger, silk capes swishing exuberantly in a superhero showdown, and the peaceful vistas of an animal documentary – every scene rendered with the brilliance of a 4K, or even 8K resolution. Unlike most deals, when you buy a Sony TV with 8 million pixels, you’re getting your money’s worth of literally millions of works of art.

OLED and QLED: The Pioneers of Color and Contrast

Sure, the Hisense TV on sale is a good buy, but where Sony really shines is in the realm of OLED and QLED technology. There’s just nothing more immersive than the contrast, deep blacks and vivid colour that those technologies, built into a Sony TV, can bring to the viewing experience.

The Smart TV Revolution

Seamless Connectivity

Sony TVs are not just about what you watch, but how you watch. Sony’s highly integrated TVs embed smart platforms to create an all-round entertainment system. Sony TVs are no longer just a means of consuming content, but a portal that instantly connects you to endless content potential. It is also your gateway to every imaginable form of entertainment, from streaming to gaming and other functionalities such as apps.

Voice Control: The Future Is Here

No more searching for the remote. Voice control via Google Assistant and Alexa make Sony’s smart TVs even smarter.

The Gaming Edge


For the gamers out there, there’s mention of a newly developed ‘lag-reducing gaming mode’ on the Hisense smart TV, but it wasn’t Sony that really kicked off this trend. The brand’s display technology is oriented specifically for a gaming experience, with features such as smoother motion and HDR tone mapping for a better gaming experience. In the race for victory, you can always count on Sony to support you.

Surround Sound: The Audio Aspect

The Sonic Boom

A great photo deserves a great soundtrack. While a soundbar is going to make any TV sound great, the sound on Sony TVs is just as immersive as the picture itself. From clear dialogue to thundering explosions, the sounds from a Sony TV will transport you to the centre of the action.

Why SONY Deserves Your Attention

Yes, there may be a very tempting deal on the Hisense 58-inch Class 4K R6 Roku TV this Black Friday, but the return on investing hundreds more dollars in a Sony TV is beyond even the dollars themselves. When Sony shops, Sony buys quality, innovation and joy, and they deliver all of it in the very best viewing experience. Whether they are delivering on the picture, the connectivity or the audio, Sony is selling authentic gateways to other worlds.

About SONY

Sony is one of the greatest technology brands in the world. Technology or entertainment: what’s the difference? The future is one where we interact with everything. With Sony, the million dollar question isn’t what can we do, it’s what else can we do.

Jun 15, 2024
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