Adventure at Your Fingertips: Buy an E-Bike and Let Adventure Unfold for You! We'll Even Give You a Grill for Free!

Last, unknown perks and the outdoors, it doesn’t get more unexpected than this: an e-bike company throwing in a free propane grill. While Bakcou is known across the industry as a top e-bike manufacturer, their new deal with the Blackstone Omnivore allows e-bike shoppers to buy one and get one free! That’s right – all new e-bike buyers will receive an Omnivore Griddle’s best 28-inch propane grill, with a value of $350. This interesting and unlikely pairing is more than just a clever purchase, though. It can also be a bridge between two great outdoor passions – biking and grilling.

MAX ADVENTURE: The Allure of the Flatlander Series

With the Flatlander e-bike series, those impressions could be exchanged for wows and approvals. The Flatlander is the ‘no pain, all gain Hunting Series bike’ that Bakcou designed for riders who prefer to lighten their loads on the mountain trails and enjoy the thrill of the chase. The e-bike comes with options for either a 25 amp-hour high-power battery and different sizes for the frames that accommodate all rider heights. You can whip through the park trails or the hunting trails at speeds of 25 mph and gain as much distance as 80 miles on a single charge.

Conquering Terrains with The Kodiak eBike

The Kodiak eBike is just about as gnarly as the great outdoors get. Geared towards hardcore trailblazers and outdoorsy types, this beast lets you toggle between rear, front and all-wheel-drive modes and is powered by a meaty 25Ah battery that offers a top speed of 35 mph while guaranteeing a max range of up to 80 miles, which pretty much makes anywhere you want to go traversable.

The Unyielding Mule

‘Versatile and sturdy,’ Bakcou says of its Mule, it is ‘your trail horse, your commuter, your hunting pal, and your get-anywhere e-bike’. The Mule has a 25Ah battery that gets you up to 35mph top speed and a max range of 80 miles (with 35.5mph top speed and 65-mile range on its ‘Jäger version’, which has an all-metal 14-speed gearbox with a ‘smart motor’ and ‘smart sensors’ to ‘optimise your riding experiences’).

Scaling Peaks with The Scout

The full-suspension Scout is for those who want to take their mountain biking to the next level. With wide tires, an 11-speed gearbox and finely tuned suspension, the Scout will take your ride off the beaten path. With a top speed of 35mph and a max range of 65 miles (including an upgrade to a Jäger model), you can configure your Scout with a battery pack of up to 21Ah.

Embracing the Storm

And the Storm is ready for those defying the weather: it’s a full-suspension eBike designed for the extremes, equipped with a Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor and torque sensor for maximum power, up to 35mph speed and a range of up to 80 miles. It’s variable up to a 25Ah battery. The Jäger version of the Storm, especially, is the ultimate mountain biking machine, equipped with a sophisticated internal gear system.

The Maverick Mav3

Crafted with courage and capacity, the Mav3 is Bakcou’s salute to those in uniform. Tailored for law enforcement, military, and first responders, the Mav3 incorporates a 30Ah battery for immense range and response, and Bafang Ultra M620 gearbox for instant shiftability and dependability in emergency scenarios.

MAXING OUT the Adventure

At the core of Bakcou’s offerings is the desire to push the limits – to max out the adventure, to coin a phrase. Each of the models — the Flatlander or the Mav3 — has been built with a singular goal in mind: to elevate your outdoor experience to the absolute maximum, making it reliable, fast, furious and fun. The inclusion of the maximum range, speed and battery capacity on the model lineup supports this notion.

Buying into Bakcou’s complete package isn’t just about acquiring a top-shelf eBike, but about indulging in a lifestyle defined by adventure and culinary pleasure both on and off the trail – the exhilaration of riding in remote wilderness, and the pleasures of food prep at trail’s end. Whatever your destination, or wherever your trail takes you, with Bakcou you are not just buying an eBike – you are inviting adventure, with the cherry (or, in this case, grill) on top.

Jun 15, 2024
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