Bracing for the ELEMENTS: Essential Car and Truck Accessories for Extreme Weather

But as climate change takes its toll, adverse climate conditions occur more frequently all the time, putting a damper on everything from taking a stroll outside, to planning a road trip or a commute. Keeping your car prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws its way goes a long way towards keeping you both safe and comfortable as you travel from point A to B. Home Depot may not be the first place you would think to go for car or truck accessories with warmer weather upon us, but believe it or not, the home improvement juggernaut has a goldmine of car accessories that can help you battle extreme weather when it shows up. Strap in – here are six products that can save your life on the road, no matter what’s thrown your way.

Weatherproof Your Ride with the Bell + Howell Windshield Cover

Keep the ELEMENTS at Bay

It’s the kind of weather where a refreshing spring shower can quickly turn into the worst blizzard on record in the time it takes to get from your porch to your car. So don’t let shifting weather conditions catch you off guard — make sure your car is always ready for extremes. The Bell + Howell Reversible Heat and Snow Windshield Cover (that’s a mouthful) can be had for only $23.51 from Home Depot, and will protect your windshield from the snowy grip of winter while cooling and UV-shielding your car’s interior from the punishing summer sun. The Reversible Heat and Snow Windshield Cover ($23.51) from Home Depot works with many different car models and sizes. Visit home depot online to make your mornings easier, regardless of the weather.

The Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom: Your Winter Ally

Clear Snow with Ease

You’ve done it a million times: climb into your vehicle in the winter to go somewhere, only to discover that a layer of ice, snow or both needs to be removed before you can see. The Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom ($23.22) is an extending ice scraper/snow broom that reaches up to 52 inches, which makes it both an effective tool for automobiles as well as larger vehicles. Plus, it features an ice scraper on one end, and LED lights on the end of the broom to help illuminate the process for those early morning de-icing tasks.

Enjoy Warmth on the Go with the HealthMate Heated Seat Cushion

Combat the Cold from Within

Parking outside can mean leaving your car feeling more of a freezer than a snug haven on frosty mornings. The HealthMate Luxury Heated Seat Cushion could be just the tonic for this situation, with three heat settings to ease your wintery woes. For a mere $49.90, this cushion will not just get you warm right away, but will keep you warm and in an ergonomically correct sitting position as long as you need it.

Wrap Up in Comfort with the Stalwart Heated Travel Blanket

A Cozy Fortress Against Cold

A road trip reveals the majesty of the landscape as well as the fickleness of the weather. A Stalwart Heated Travel Blanket for $32.45 will be your best friend while on the road since it is big enough to cover passengers and easily plugs into most vehicles 12-volt outlet to keep you cosy and warm as your car turns into your own personal travel cocoon.

Stay Prepared with the Ready America Emergency Kit

A Lifesaver in Unpredictable Situations

Ultimately all adventure means uncertainty and in order to stay prepared and survive a situation, it is best to have a kit that can sustain you through it. The Ready America 3-Day Emergency Kit available for $85.71 comes with enough supplies to keep you fed, hydrated, and able to continue to progress. Some items are available in larger quantities than others, but it provides you with light sources, food, water, instant meals, trash bags and means to keep warm if conditions start to degrade. It also carries first-aid supplies, emergency blankets and a whistle to attract attention in case it is needed.

Signal for Help with STP LED Road Flares

Visibility in the Vortex

Calling for help or signalling traffic when your visibility is severely reduced because of the weather conditions, that is the number one priority. With the super bright STP Emergency LED Road Flare Kit you can be seen from a mile away with three different light-modes. Use the flares to signal for help or to warn road traffic for any unavoidable hazard in the worst weather conditions. $32.20 for the STP Emergency LED Road Flare Kit with colour-coded cables.

Why Rely on These Products?

These accessories from Home Depot for unpredictable weather patterns are the best back up plan you could get to make you feel safe and comfortable while travelling! For example, if you are going to have some road adventures in snowy areas, be sure to include these accessories in your packing checklist to make sure that you are well-prepared for the extreme. For just what it costs, its function and its glowing reviews from consumers makes it a must-have in your camping trip.

Understanding the HOME

Home is not only our house, but the cars and trucks we use to travel, and since the world and the weather are changing, and becoming more volatile, contributors should modify their definition of home to include their cars and trucks, and tailor those vehicles with accessories that respond to weather extremes. With a car designed with add-ons to battle the elements, travellers know they can face any adversary on the path home, ensuring that no matter what nature throws at them, they can still make it home.

Jun 09, 2024
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