Unlocking the Treasure Trove of Savings: Your Ultimate Guide to Shopping on AMAZON

The days of just going to a ‘shop’ on the high street are long gone – no, these days the ‘shop’ is AMAZON. More than an online retailer selling books, the latest gadgets and almost anything else you can think of, AMAZON has become a massive online marketplace. With a staggering 197 million monthly active users and a huge range of products, AMAZON is now a household name. But did you know there’s a secret to saving on AMAZON? If you’re an AMAZON shopper – an addict even – or if you’re new to this mass online marketplace, then you’re in for a treat, because there are six easy ways to save money when shopping on AMAZON. Follow this guide, and you’ll maximise your savings on every purchase you make – while also enjoying the experience of buying.

Embrace the World of AMAZON PRIME and the AMAZON PRIME Visa Card

Prime buying starts on AMAZON.com: if you are a Prime member, you pay nothing for shipping, but that isn’t all. Your membership also gets you discounts, and access to specials before the general public (enabling you to take advantage of Lightning Deals, for example). And if you get an AMAZON PRIME Visa card, you can get cash-back on your purchases, too, kicking your savings into a new dimension.

Harness the Power of Subscribe & Save and AMAZON Coupons

If you shop on AMAZON regularly, as many of us do, you know that Subscribe & Save will automatically order and save you money on all that you need, from your coffee to your laundry detergent. With AMAZON Coupons to lower your bill further, you are well on your way to getting what you need for as little as possible.

Discover Hidden Gems: AMAZON Basics, AMAZON Essentials, and AMAZON Warehouse

Go to AMAZON Basics or AMAZON Essentials, two AMAZON private-label clothing brands. And go to AMAZON Warehouse, where the treasure-hunter can find everything from Christmas decorations to fabric paint at a discount. AMAZON Warehouse sells the discards at barely a fraction of their original price. The luxury and sustainability of that.

Explore the Diversity of Product Variations

Great cheap buys on AMAZON are also hiding in plain sight: if you look closely, you’ll notice that some product variations can be much cheaper than others. This usually happens when the same object can be offered in a different color, size, or configuration. This trick works for everything from fashion to tech gadgets to essentials for your home – if diversity is the spice of life, then it’s also the key to savings!

Stay Alert for Lightning Deals, Daily Deals, and Prime Day Extravaganza

For a bargain hunter, AMAZON’s Lightning Deals and Daily Deals are a treasure trove, especially if you are able to time your purchases to coincide with them, or with the Prime Day deals, that are increasingly like Black Friday in July, which means keeping your eyes on the prize.

Opt for AMAZON Delivery Day or Economical Shipping Options

These days, if you order something from AMAZON you just have to be patient. By choosing AMAZON Delivery Day, you can have all your deliveries arrive on the same day, reducing your shipping cost, and reducing your ecological one too; if you are paying attention to the environment and your wallet, it is a win-win in more ways than one.


It embodies modern-day commercialism as it creates a whole new experience in how people shop. With its sites such as AMAZON, AMAZON Prime, AMAZON Basics and AMAZON Warehouse, it gravitates towards an omnichannel experience, covering the retail needs for the 21st century customer. It encourages cost-saving strategies as shoppers embark on the journey of finding the best deals. In other words, AMAZON is a staple in the digital consumer market.

It doesn’t have to be so daunting, though. Just remember these six ways to save on AMAZON the next time you go on a shopping spree. You can supercharge your AMAZON experience with the help of AMAZON Prime, Lightning Deals, and daily deals. Explore the savings opportunities of product variations. Price check at AMAZON. Browse the counters and bins of unclaimed products. Look outside the box with the basics, consumables, and last-sale items. Save on shipping costs. Make that hunt worthwhile.

Jun 09, 2024
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