Discover the Power of EverVolt: A Panasonic Revolution in Solar Energy

If you had to guess which solar energy product was likely to come from a global technology giant, Panasonic wouldn’t be a bad bet. An EverVolt solar panel by Panasonic, a venture capital-backed initiative by the largest consumer electronics manufacturer in the world, has already made some big waves in the renewable energy market with its EverVolt solar panels. But what do Panasonic EverVolt solar panels offer, and what does their price and value look like? Let’s see what this solar energy technology is all about, and why it could help to power your sustainable future.

PANASONIC'S EverVolt: Blazing a Trail in Solar Innovation

You might not recognise EverVolt. However, as soon as you hear Panasonic, the lightbulb goes off. And that is the point. EverVolt solar panels have, behind them, the tradition of quality and innovation that has made Panasonic such a compelling brand. The basis of the value of an EverVolt product, though, is more complex than a heritage sales pitch.

Transitioning Production: A Strategic Move by PANASONIC

Panasonic announced that it was sending its EverVolt manufacturing out of its plants and into third-party manufacturers. To start, EverVolt was manufactured in Panasonic’s plants in Malaysia and Japan in 2019. By 2021, Panasonic sent its EverVolt-branded solar panels and batteries into the world. This might seem like a retrenchment, but it’s actually a very savvy move – one that recognises that with EverVolt, Panasonic wants more than just the quality of Panasonic, it wants the best manufacturing in the world.

Why Outsourcing Makes EverVolt More Competitive

This manufacturing transformation makes EverVolt assemblies a mashup of foreign brilliance, with parts sourced in technological hubs around the world. As a result, Panasonic’s EverVolt offerings are a rarity in the premium tier of solar panels: high-quality, competitively priced. Employing a model that leverages the global supply chain ensures EverVolt isn’t just a product; it’s a globally sourced solution at a price you can afford – one that doesn’t compromise on the tech wizardry we’ve all come to expect from the Panasonic brand.

Understanding EverVolt's Price Mechanism

What you won’t find on EverVolt’s pricing page is a sense of sticker shock. A 400W model will cost you somewhere between $437 and $507. That’s a fair price to pay for high-efficiency solar technology. Prices increase per model, as you might expect, based on wattage capacity and the tech sophistication of each panel. But while the numbers are real, EverVolt’s real value lies in its price-to-value ratio. Combined with long-term warranties and Panasonic’s good name for efficiency and endurance, EverVolt’s price tag is hard to beat.

A Closer Look at EverVolt's Value Proposition

Pricing the units or panels alone does not quite tell the tale; the enduring value in the EverVolt comes through the efficiency of the module and the associated return on warranty that the power of Panasonic’s expertise represents. Efficiency of solar yield in less space, and the confidence of Panasonic’s warranty, brings this product to the fore as a testament to the values that were exhibited in the era of demand when Panasonic pursued its initial energy independence of the grid.

Exceptional Warranties: The Panasonic EverVolt Guarantee

The warranties that Panasonic offers for EverVolt go beyond the product – they are a promise of value and reliability for the years ahead. The EverVolt warranty covers performance and labour. Panasonic offers some of the best warranty terms in the industry and backs EverVolt with the same level of industry-leading coverage. This speaks to Panasonic’s confidence in EverVolt, while reassuring the company’s customers that they are investing in something smart that will provide reliable solar energy for many years to come.

EverVolt and PANASONIC: Lighting the Way to a Sustainable Future

Neither is Panasonic’s timing coincidental. In coming out with its new brand of solar panels for rooftops and other uses, dubbed EverVolt, the electronics giant is not only entering the latest chapter of the high-tech silver age, but taking another step forward into humanity’s evolving relationship with the planet we call home. When it comes to the age of sustainability, Panasonic aims to be more than just a technology company. With the economies of scale that come from tapping global manufacturing synergies, its new EverVolt line of solar panels addresses one of the most pressing issues facing the prospect of a climate-smart future: cost. EverVolt panels are as affordable as other solar offerings on the market, and Panasonic backs them up with some of the longest warranties in the industry. But this isn’t just about keeping the lights on, or powering the electric car in the garage. In launching EverVolt, Panasonic is hoping to make high-quality residential and commercial renewable energy solutions an integral part of how modern society engages with the natural world.

About Panasonic: A Legacy of Innovation and Quality

Panasonic is a global giant, synonymous with cutting-edge technology, reliability and innovation. We started our journey as a humble lightbulb manufacturer, then transformed to become a leader in electronics and renewable energy – two of today’s fastest growing industries. In EverVolt, we see a product that embraces the essence of the Panasonic brand – by making the world more comfortable and convenient through innovation.

Jun 03, 2024
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