When the calendars turn to June 2024, you might find yourself peacocking about as you admire what the streaming service is offering for the following month. Sure, the list doesn’t feature a whole lot of new series premières or movie requests, but Peacock makes up for it by offering plenty of films, live sporting events, series and oddly timed Christmas specials that will keep viewers glued to their seats. So grab your popcorn and buckle up! Let’s take a deep dive into Peacock’s June 2024 catalogue.

Solid Movie Lineup to Satiate Your Cinematic Cravings

If you just want an escape film to sit back and tune out, Peacock has you covered. In June 2024, the action-filled John Wick trilogy hits the service. For fans of big action movies, The Bourne Identity and Gladiator will give you plenty of adrenaline rushes.

And Peacock actually drops a little Christmas cheer into June: The distribution of several Christmas films – featuring Anna and the Apocalypse, the delightful and subversive zombie musical, 2018 – adds a spirited, seasonal splash of blood and colour to the otherwise summery slate.

For the Love of Sports: Live Events to Look Forward To

Through June 2024, Peacock also has the new WWE Clash at the Castle that should be drawing wrestling fans and, also for their younger viewers, the reboot of the animated series Megamind Rules!.

Peacock Premium: Unlocking the Full Experience

Though the bounty Peacock promises in June 2024 sounds enticing, it’s also a tiered menu: some of it requires a Peacock Premium or Peacock Premium Plus subscription, confirming that ardent fans can view all the smorgasbord of sports, movies and TV series the service has to offer.


A Closer Look at Must-Watch Titles

  • June 1, Pick of the Day: The list begins with About Time, Billy Elliot, and The Birdcage. Nice.
  • Mid-month Specials: 15 June Mid-month Specials: 15 June WWE Clash at the Castle As emailed by readers: ‘There should be a splash next to Wales (UK) and a thud next to the WWE,’ plus a thud for you, too.
  • End-of-Month Gems: Just as June is coming to an end, the box office will be boosted by two kid-friendly fare, the animated films Champions and Kung Fu Panda 3.

Live Sports and Events to Fuel Your Passion

June 2024. The sporting calendar will keep all enthusiasts happy. There are motocross championships and Royal Ascot.

Engaging News Programming and Talk Shows

Consequently, Peacock commits to airing viewers’ favourite news programmes and talk shows from the same day, and next-day telecasts.

Editors’ Top Recommendations

To help you navigate the myriad possibilities, the Peacock editors have hereby curated their pick of the month – a selection of must-see movies on YouTube, and the latest titles on PBS, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Max and Disney+ in June 2024.

Exploring Peacock’s Potpourri of June Offerings

Peacock’s schedule from June 2024 shows how the streaming service aspires to offer a wide and varied content mix, catering to a multitude of tastes and preferences, from classic movies and Christmas specials to live sport and current affairs news.

About Peacock

Peacock illustrates the transformation of digital entertainment, with movies, series, live sports and news programming all working together to deliver great viewing experiences. Through a master class of programming designed to reach all types of viewers, Peacock is quickly establishing itself as a go-to source of streaming entertainment while still maintaining programming consistent with its own historical values, where there’s something for everyone when you want to watch Peacock.

Jun 03, 2024
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