The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Perfect Ryobi String Trimmer Line Size

Spring unravels a green carpet all around us, and there’s nothing like the dawn of a new season to coax us outdoors after a long, cold winter. That’s why the perfect time to give your lawn and backyard some TLC is right now, when the world is coming back to life. Whether you are snipping along a fence line with narrow corners or touching up pavers and edging with surgical precision, you will soon discover that a string trimmer by Ryobic will become your new best friend. And if you are someone who uses a string trimmer on a daily basis, whether you work in landscaping or not, you will have found yourself in a situation where you have the perfect trimmer in your hands but you’re not sure what size line fits your Ryobi. Luckily for you, this guide will help you find the right trimmer line size for your Ryobi.

Understanding Your Ryobi String Trimmer Line Options

First of all, you need to understand the plethora of variety at your disposal: Very few brands are as versatile as Ryobi. This range of trimmer lines, from 0.065” to 0.105”, is just as adaptable as their line-up of string trimmers.

Embracing the 0.080" Line: Ryobi's Versatile Champion

Ryobi’s 0.080" Line String Trimmers: Several models of Ryobi’s electric string trimmers, including string trimmers, brush cutters and edgers, use 0.080" line. The Ryobi 18V One+ HP Brushless Brush Cutter/String Trimmer with Premium Dual-Feeding 2-in-1 Head, available in 15" cutting width, is a powerful tool ideal for weeding and detail work. The Brushless Whisper Series String Trimmer, also part of the One+ HP family, provides a quiet alternative to power without power loss. If you’re working with a 13" model, such as the 18V One+ String Trimmer/Edger Kit, you’ll want a line of 0.080".

Advancing with the 0.095" Line: Power Meets Precision

0.095” Line String Trimmers (Ryobi): Large line, roughly 0.095” line, such as in Ryobi’s full line of 40V tools, again where the 40V HP Brushless models, including the 15” Carbon Fibre Attachment Capable String Trimmer, embody the sophistication of a workhorse string trimmer with the differentiation of precision trimming edges. Tools for the master landscaper.

Exploring the Extremes: The Significance of 0.065" and 0.105" Lines

While those 0.080" and 0.095" lines fit the landscape professional looking to cover a broad ground, sometimes the nuance of the 0.065" or the 0.105" line is needed. The 18V One+ 10" String Trimmer is an ideal piece of equipment for a lighter-weight buy, and calls for a slender tape measure, 0.065". On the other end of the spectrum, the 40V HP Brushless Whisper Series 17" String Trimmer takes on the heavy-duty landscaping in thick underbrush, and calls for the beefier 0.105" line.

Ryobi's Commitment to Interchangeable Convenience

The One+ system – where the batteries move from tool to tool – is central to Ryobi’s brand. It helps overcome the issue of multiple power sources, allowing a versatility and ease of use that’s hard to match, allowing your Ryobi tools to keep multiplying without the extra cost and storage issues of batteries specific to each model.

Ensuring Your Landscaping Excellence

Using the proper Ryobi trimmer line size is less about finding the right fit than finding the right fit for your yard. Edging and trimming the rough edges of your yard to a smooth shape with precision? Or hacking away thick brush and undergrowth? Maybe it is perfecting the fine corners of a Japanese rock garden – the right Ryobi trimmer line size helps you achieve it.

Learning More About Ryobi

Ryobi has been a long-time industry leader in home landscaping tools, transcending trends and continually meeting the various needs of home gardeners and landscape professionals, alike. The versatility of Ryobi string trimmers, among other tools, guarantees performance, convenience and adaptability that simply isn’t available anywhere else. The company has also adopted the premise of Ryobi’s interchangeable battery system of a practical and user-oriented design philosophy.

While choosing the right trimmer line for your Ryobi might feel overwhelming at first – all those different trimmer line sizes and the small distinctions of each Ryobi it needs to fit – now you know, and you’ll never have any trouble with the correct size trimmer line in the future. Spring is just around the corner and, with it, the season to get your yard and flower beds looking just right. Now that you have the facts you need, your Ryobi string trimmer can get to work, with the right line in place, making your yard look final touches perfect.

Jun 03, 2024
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