Harnessing Speed and Capacity: The Evolution of Portable Storage in the AI Era

In an era when the amount of digital content and storage capacity required by businesses and end-users continues to grow more each year, Silicon Motion Technology Corporation has once again demonstrated its vanguard status in innovation with the official launch of SM2322 controller, setting new standards in terms of performance, capacity and power efficiency for the latest generation of portable solid-state drives (SSDs). The following article highlights the importance of this development by illustrating how it not only fulfils the current portable storage needs of the times but raises the bar within the industry.

A Leap into the Future of Portable SSDs

Revolutionizing Data Transfer with Unmatched Speed

The SM2322 controller is a giant leap forward in portable storage technology for a generation of hand-held, AI-powered smartphones, game consoles and other high-performance multimedia devices. The SM2322 has harnessed speed, efficiency and capacity into a single chip. The SM2322 controller supports up to 8 TB of storage and speeds of 20 Gbps.

The Dawn of Ultra-Fast, High-Capacity Storage Solutions

Propelling Motion in Portable Storage Innovation

With increasingly complex digital data, such as the emergence of artificial intelligence applications, high-definition media and other applications requiring considerable storage capacities, the need for high-performance, portable and high-density storage solutions is even more critical. The SM2322 controller provides a low-cost, high-density and high-performance solution to accommodate the growing demands of the portable storage applications. Equipped with a USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 interface, the controller is eligible to achieve 2,100MB/s peak sequential read speed and 2,000MB/s peak sequential write speed, significantly improving the user experience in terms of both responsiveness and performance. Meanwhile, the SM2322 employs an ultra-small solution model with its compact and lightweight form factor, leading to a leap in the efficiency of portable storage.

Compatibility and Versatility: Meeting Modern Storage Needs

Ensuring Seamless Motion Across Devices and Platforms

The SM2423 is not the only widely compatible solution on the horizon. The SM2322, which was designed for use with devices, operating systems and apps, also has MFi specifications for iPhone, supports the ProRes format, and works with Windows, Android OS and macOS. With its high density, square shape, and high performance, whether you are someone who is excited about AI smartphones, creates high-definition content, or a gamer, the SM2322 is a high-density and high-speed storage solution for you.

Setting New Standards in Reliability and Performance

Excellence in Motion: Raising the Bar for Portable SSDs

This commitment to perfection is perhaps best embodied in the SM2322. ‘Due to the fast growing trend of artificial intelligence (AI) devices, the need for high capacity, power-saving storage controllers will continue to rise,’ Nelson Duann, Silicon Motion’s Senior VP of Client & Automotive Storage Business, told me. ‘With superior performance that meets and even exceeds the new USB3.2 specification as well as a generous capacity boost, the SM2322 controller will become the new gold standard for portable SSDs.’

Leading the Charge in Portable Storage Solutions

The Next-Gen Controller in Motion

As the marketplace was welcoming Silicon Motion’s first-to-market technologies with open arms, numerous commercially available SSDs powered by the company’s earlier SM2320 controller have been available in the market. The SM2322, the next generation-controller, is a more advanced technology incorporating Silicon Motion’s proven technologies to achieve unmatched reliability and performance to power tomorrow’s next-generation portable storage. The SM2322 is slated to be the overwhelming choice of portable storage leading into mass production in mid-2024.

Embracing the Future of Data Storage

In the light of the rapid increase in digital innovation, the concept of motion in data transmission and data storage is becoming especially important. The SM2322 by Silicon Motion leads the way into a new era of portable SSDs: the era of speed, capacity and efficiency. The combination of state-of-the-art technology and human-centric design will help Silicon Motion to not only keep up with the ever-changing face of digital but to set the standard for the future of portable storage devices.

Understanding Motion in the Context of Portable SSDs

At the very least, motion conveys progress, change, and the ability to adapt and move forward. In the portable SSD environment, motion represents how data is seamlessly flowing, how transfers are occurring at faster rates to reduce wait times, and how technology is evolving to keep up with the growing demands of digital life in the modern era. With innovations like the SM2322 controller, Silicon Motion is bringing motion to the industry and the end user.

May 30, 2024
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